Knitting/Crochet Supplies: Storage & Organization

I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a few years now and I’ve managed to accumulate a ton of supplies and tools. At first, I would keep my equipment in one small pouch that came with my orders. However, as my collection grew, I had to rethink my knitting storage. And crochet storage. I wanted everything in one place, where it was easily accessible and easy to manage. Ideally, I didn’t want to constantly reorganize things as I purchased new supplies or used what I had. I spent the last weekend sorting out my knitting storage and getting it just right. Now, I can show you just how I did it and what worked for me!

Crochet and Knitting Storage

This post is about how I organize and store my knitting and crochet supplies. This mostly consists of things like needles, hooks, cables, stitch markers and other accessories. Read more about how I store and organize my yarn in next week’s post (which I’ll link below). Also, as a disclaimer, I’m sharing the supplies and tools that I actually use and love. None of this is sponsored, but there may be affiliate links to some of the products mentioned.

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Crochet/Knitting Storage

The Storage System

I keep all of my knitting/crochet equipment in these two Sterilite storage units. In the larger unit, I store yarn. The smaller unit sits atop the larger one and I use it to store my tools and supplies. It holds all my needles, cables, hooks, rulers, etc. These drawer units are very affordable and they hold a lot more than I expected them to. Also, each drawer can be popped out, so I can take all the contents with me if I want to.

Knitting Storage

My knitting storage improved so much just by getting a nice storage unit. It helped me manage my stuff and see what I had, but I also organized each drawer. Keep reading to see what I used to round up all the little things.

First Drawer (Needles & Hooks)

I like to keep all of my needle tips and hooks in the top drawer of my smaller unit. These are usually the most important tools for any project (how can you knit without knitting needles?) so I like these to be easily accessible and always in the same place.

Needles and Hooks storage

Knitting Needles

For knitting, I use the Knit Picks Options interchangeable set. These were kind of pricey when I first bought them, but they are so worth it. After I bought the set, I rarely needed to get more needles and mine are in perfect condition, even years later. I’ve tried out a bunch of different brands and materials, but these nickel ones are by far the best. The tips don’t have their sizes written on them, so I used to check the sizes repeatedly before I started a project. Now, I simply zip-tied the pairs together with the ID tags. I just made sure to tie the needles tightly enough that they don’t slip out, but I can still just pull them out of the tie without cutting it when I need to use them.

Check out the Options Set here!

IInterchangeable Needles storage

Then I just popped all my IDed needles into this nifty little pouch. I also zip-tied my DPNs together and just put them in the drawer because they didn’t fit in the pouch.

Crochet Hooks + Fixed Circulars

Crochet Hook Storage Fixed Circular storage

I’ve kept a lot of the original packaging because they were the right sizes . I have 4 different fixed circulars in this packet, but the cables are so flexible and soft, they fit easily without getting damaged. I also used one of the packets to hold all of my crochet hooks. None of the hooks are from Knit Picks, though, they just fit in the bag.

The last thing in this first drawer is my pack of cable needles and two stitch holders. Again, reused packaging.

Cable Needle Storage

Second Drawer (Needle & Hook Accessories)

The second drawer holds all the little bits and bobs that I use, but not all the time. This drawer is for all the knitting and crochet notions that help keep track of projects and sizing. Most of these are small items and the reason why I needed better knitting storage.

Needle Accessories

Cables, Pins, and Needles

The first thing is the pack of cables for my interchangeable needles. I like to keep them all together so they don’t get tangled or wrapped around other stuff. The next few things I kept in their own packaging because, if you haven’t caught the theme here, reusing this stuff comes in handy and makes awesome knitting storage. I have some end caps for the cables, a bunch of tapestry needles for sewing and finishing, my ruler and a pack of blocking pins.

Needle Accessories Storage

The View Sizer might be my favorite thing from this company (aside from the needles), so I want to talk about it for a second. It’s a ruler, yes, but the holes along the side of it are for measuring the needle tips, and I use it all the time. It has the US # on one side and the actual measurement of the needle on the other, super handy if you’re like me and you need to double check. The ruler also has a magnifying section, right at that red line, and it makes it incredibly easy to count how many rows per inch you have, how many more rows you need to work, or even just to see a place you messed up. I highly recommend this ruler.

Embellishments + Stitch Markers

In this drawer, I also have stuff to embellished anything I’ve made. I found these tiny plastic boxes at the Dollar Tree, so I use them to keep things like buttons and beads. Three of those boxes have buttons/beads, one of them has safety eyes for toys and some “Knitted By” labels (so cute!), and the last box has stitch markers. I have both the circular plastic ones and locking stitch markers because sometimes you need different kinds, and I love them. I prefer the locking ones, though, if only because I tend to lose the circular ones.

Storage boxes


The last few things I have in here are a couple of yarn bobbins, some ribbon, binding I bought recently for a project, and my Knit Picks lint shaver. I absolutely adore this lint shaver, and it makes a huge difference to finished projects. This is another thing that I HIGHLY recommend, but if you’d like more info on it (or anything) let me know, and I’ll do a full product review.

Knitting Tools Storage

Third Drawer (Miscellaneous)

My last drawer is boring. It just holds my scissors, a stitch idea booklet I got when I had just started knitting, and a few extras boxes.

Extra Storage

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And that’s it for my crochet/knitting storage! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I store all of my tools and accessories, and that it gave you ideas on how to organize your supplies. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time getting things organized.

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