Yarn Storage & Organization

Ever since I started knitting and buying yarn, yarn storage has been tricky for me. I used to just throw everything into a big basket, but after a while, everything would get tangled. The skeins would come undone and it was such a mess; it was also hard to know how much yarn I had. I needed a way to keep the yarn from coming undone, to see what/how much I had, and to store everything in one place. Keep reading to see what I came up with.

This post is all about how I’ve organized and stored my yarn stash. In this post, I’m going to show you the tools and storage units that I use, and you’ll also get a look at the yarn I own. If you were looking for something on how I store and organize my knitting/crochet supplies, you can check out last week’s post. That post covers the tools I own, recommendations, and how I keep everything. For now, though, let’s talk about yarn storage!

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Yarn Storage & Organization

Storage Unit

I use a Sterilite 3-drawer storage cart to hold all my knitting/crochet related supplies, including yarn. I have a small unit for the tools and equipment, and a larger one with wheels for the yarn storage. These carts are affordable and easy to find, but you can also get prettier ones for a little bit more. For me, though, these do the job just fine.

Yarn Storage


I have my yarn organized by amount. Most of my yarn is made of soft, durable materials, so they’re pretty similar most of the time. There’s nothing I really need to store carefully, so everything goes into the same drawer. Also, organizing by amount means I can just glance into a drawer to see if I have enough for my project or what I need to use up.

First Drawer (Scraps and Remnants)

In the first drawer, I keep the yarns that I have very little of. This includes all of the smaller balls, scraps, and leftovers from other projects. These are the yarns that I would use for baby projects, embellishments, or practicing new techniques. Because I can see everything at a glance, I can guesstimate if I’ll need to buy more of a certain color, or if I can use similar scraps to finish up a project. Here’s a look into the first drawer of my yarn storage.

Drawer1 Yarn storage

Second Drawer (Medium Balls/Crochet Thread)

The second drawer holds the yarns that I have a good amount of. All of these are somewhere around the 50-75g, but I generally go by the size. Most of these I bought in this size, but others are from projects that I had quite a bit left over. I also keep crochet thread in this drawer since it’s sold in stacks about this size. I only have a few of them so they didn’t get their own drawer.

Drawer2 yarn storage

Third Drawer (New Skeins + Bulky Yarn)

In the last drawer, I keep full skeins of yarn. These are the long, big skeins that I’ve just purchased or have waiting for specific projects. This is also where I keep any really big and bulky yarn that would take up too much space elsewhere. I consider this my “working” drawer because anytime I start a new project, I check here first and usually store the project here as well. As you can see, this drawer is plenty big enough for most yarn skeins and I can easily fit several full skeins without a problem.

Drawer 3 yarn storage

Yarn Storage Tools

As you probably noticed, I try to keep my yarn in nice cakes and balls so that nothing comes undone. Tangled yarn was on of the main things I wanted to solve when I reorganized everything. And while sorting my yarn based on amount helps a ton in keeping the drawers neat, there are some special tools I like to use too.

Knitting Yarn Ball Winder

My organization is pretty simple, but I love how nothing is tangled and everything stacks together so nicely. If I had just chucked everything into the drawers, I’d have the same problems I always had with organizing yarns. Sorting would not have solved the tangles, unwinding, and general mess everything was. Here’s a closeup of some of the things in the first drawer. Notice how they’re all squared off and have flat tops and bottoms? Or that you can’t see the tail ends of the yarn?

Yarn storage ball winder

I went through all of my tangled and leftover yarns and rewound them into these perfect little cakes using this Knitting Yarn Ball Winder from Knit Picks. At first, I thought it was gimmicky: why would I need a ball winder when yarn came in balls already? But when I realized that I could rewind used yarn very neatly when I tried to do it by hand, and that’s why they’d come undone, I decided to try it out.

This thing wraps up your yarn into perfect little center-pull cakes. The cakes this thing winds your yarn into has two ends, so you can use it from the center-out (center pull) or from the tail end, which I just tuck into the center until I actually need it. Anytime I’m running low on a yarn or it’s getting to the point where the skein is floppy and messy, I just spend 2-3 minutes winding it up on this and it’s neat again!


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That’s all for today! I hope it gave you some ideas on how to organize your yarn, or maybe even inspired you to get everything neat and ready to start some new projects. Now that Fall is here, I’m going to be knitting a ton, and it really gives me peace of mind to know that I don’t have to root through my stuff to find what I’m looking for.

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  • Vera Hall

    Your stash makes me sad. This is definitely for small amounts of yarn..

    • haha yeah, it is pretty small looking back on it! I’ve gotten more since then but I use the same method. I’ve just added a few more of those carts and have them lined up against one wall of my closet!

  • Me too! I haven't had any issues with this set up, and in fact, I use my yarn and supplies way more now!

  • chellie schmitz

    I just love when everything is all neat and tidy, the colorful yarn is happiness. 🙂 I've got SO many areas that could use some tidying up. Thanks for sharing these great tips on FTAF!

  • Thanks Kim! I can't tell you how much easier it is to start and finish projects since I've done this!

  • Great Ideas! I only have a few balls of yarn and even they need better organization!

  • I would love to organize my mom's fabric stash with something similar but she insists that she doesn't need it lol

  • Yes, definitely a good idea! I use this same thing for fabric squares!

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