WIP Wednesday: 08/10/2016

Welcome to the first mid-week post here on The Blue Elephants! This is part of a new “series” that I’m trying out called WIP Wednesday, where I show you some of the the things I’m working on. Sometimes, I work on projects that someone else created, or I’m experimenting with something new and don’t have the bugs worked out yet. Other times, I just like to make things and I forget to take step by step pictures to show you guys what I did. The point of these WIP Wednesday posts will be to show you all of the things I’m doing, what’s working for me, and what I’m loving, without the formal structure of a pattern/tutorial. Of course, I will share finished products and patterns if they turn out great.

So, now that you’ve been introduced to this new series, take a look at what I’m working on now!

WIP Wednesday 8.10.16

WIP Wednesday 08/10/2016

Double Seed Stitch Sweater

The first project I want to share with you guys today is something I’ve been working on for myself. Every now and then, I become obsess with making things for other people or for the website. After a while, I start feeling really stuck and making things becomes a little bit of a chore. It gets harder to design items, to think of where to start and what to do. So, I pick up a project that is entirely for myself. Something that I can find a pattern for and work on with having to figure it all out myself. I do like to be a little challenged and learn something from it, though. This time, I picked a pattern for a double seed stitch sweater.

Sweater Progress 1

I’ve only ever made an adult sweater once before, and that was for my mom. And even though the finished product didn’t look perfect and I messed up a bunch of times, my mom loved it. I had picked way too complicated a pattern that time, so now I tried a simple sweater with an interesting stitch.

Sweater Progress 4

Sweater Progress Close Up

I’ve been working on this sweater for about a month now. I like going slowly and sometimes I have to redo sections when I mess up. It’s been a learning experience, but I think it’s turning out nicely. I’ve completed the main body of the sweater and I’ve started working on the sleeves. Once it’s done, I’ll show you the finished product and share what pattern I used. Look out for that in another WIP Wednesday.

Sweater Progress 5

Bobble Baby Blanket

The other major project I’ve been working on lately has been this baby blanket for a client. It’s a smaller blanket than the ones I normally make, and it’s perfect for strollers and car seats. It’s more of a security blanket than  one a child would use to sleep with at night, but it’s big enough for that too. I used the same colors I used in my second Chevron Baby Blanket, but I kept the pattern simple here.

Bobble Blanket 1

The lady who asked for this blanket has a few other orders with me, which are much more colorful and intricate, but I love the simplicity of this one. Plus, if the kid is taking this with him when they’re out, the mom won’t really have to worry about the blanket getting messed up or anything.

Bobble Blanket 2

Also, I LOVE this border. I attached a store-bought pom-pom edging on the last blanket that I made, and I loved the look it gave. However, I didn’t enjoy having to sew it on by hand or how the pom-poms didn’t seem very strong. I worried that the bobbles might become bent out of shape as the baby played with it. So this time, I tried something different.

Bobble Blanket 3

I tried a few methods and worked out a way to create my own pom-pom border. By working this border onto the blanket, I know that it’s strong and won’t come undone. I also like the look of these crocheted bobbles better than the store bought ones. I still have to line this blanket with fleece and clean up any loose ends, though. And I will do a tutorial for the bobble edging soon after I cover the basics in my Crochet 101 Series. 

Check these out too!

Here is the first blanket with the bobbles and the chevron striped baby blanket:


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Rameez Nursery. Chevron 2

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That’s all for this week’s WIP Wednesday! Thanks so much for reading. Let me know what projects you’re working on. It can be anything you like: food, crafts, crochet, anything! If you liked this post, I hope you share it and check out some of the other content here on The Blue Elephants. You can also subscribe at the bottom of this page to get access to the resource library full of subscriber-only bonus content. Just fill out your name and email and I’ll send you the password!

See you soon 🙂

  • Love the colour of that sweater, I bet it’ll turn out amazing like all of your creations!! The baby blanket is so cute as well, with the different colours and that border!!

    • Thank you, Katrin! I wasn’t sure about the color for a sweater at first, but I wanted something neutral just in case I messed up. Then I could use the yarn for other things too! I didn’t need to worry, the sweater came out perfectly. I’ll share it and the pattern soon.

      And thanks! The border was so much fun to make. Tutorial coming soon 🙂