World Photography Day!

Today is World Photography Day! I wanted to celebrate it by posting something a little more personal than my usual posts. I did have a crochet tutorial planned, but I’ll post that tomorrow and just share some pictures with you guys today.

World Photography Day

First off, I am not a photographer. But I’ve always loved photography and appreciated beautiful pictures. My dad actually used to be a photographer, and on family trips, the camera goes back and forth between us. We end up with literally thousands of pictures from 2 weeks on vacation. And a lot of those are of nothing. Our cameras get filled up with bad selfies, blurry from-the-car pictures, and even photos where the camera just can’t pick up what I’m actually seeing.

But every now and then, we end up with gems. Here are a few of them 🙂

San Francisco, 2010

This is me and my family at the Golden Gate Bridge in 2010. I love this picture because it’s a gorgeous shot of the bridge, it’s a great family picture (especially with my nephew running in to join us there), and it was a great city. San Francisco was one of my absolute favorite places we’ve been too, and I love having this picture as a reminder of it.

World Photography Day. SF 2010

Canada, 2012

In 2012, we went to a bunch of different places in Canada. One of them was the Botanical Gardens and that’s where I took this awesome picture of my nephew Taha (same one as above). This whole garden was full of paths like this and it took me ages to get a picture that lined up perfectly and didn’t have a blurry kid running away in it lol.

World Photography Day. Canada Botanic Gardens 2012

Also on that Canada trip, we went to an African Wildlife Safari. It was pretty much like a zoo, but the animals came up to you. You could even feed some of them. While we were feeding this giraffe carrots, my dad snapped this picture. This is the face of a giraffe when you run out of carrots to feed it lol.

World Photography Day. Canada 2012

This next picture was in another zoo somewhere on our trip home from Canada. I know I said I’m not great at photography, but I am SUPER proud of this shot. I’m so glad I have this picture 🙂

World Photography Day. canada 2012 fox

Yellowstone, 2013

My family took a road trip through Yellowstone National Park in 2013, and it was amazing. There was so much to see and do, and we have way too many pictures from this trip. Here is a picture I took at Artist Point. How beautiful is this scene?

World Photography Day. Artist Point 2013

Yellowstone is an incredible place in general, but it’s a gold mine for landscape and nature photography. Everywhere you look, there’s something that needs to be photographed and saved. We checked out the hot springs and this is a picture of one that amazed me. The waters were so clear and deep, you could see right to the bottom.

World Photography Day. Yellowstone Hot Springs 2013

Some of the springs let off so much steam, that it would get foggy as we walked around them. I snapped this really cool picture of my brother standing next to one of those springs. All the steam makes him look like a supervillain, doesn’t it?

World Photography Day. Hot Springs 2013

Silver Lake, 2013

We took a walk around this gorgeous lake and somehow got lost. We ended up hiking through a path behind those boulders before we figured out how to get back. It was so beautiful though, we didn’t really mind.

World Photography Day. Silver Lake 2013

Grand Tetons, 2013

Our Yellowstone road trip included going through the Grand Tetons Park, as well. We drove up the mountains and every now and then, we stopped to take in the view. Here is my dad in front of some incredible snowcapped mountains. Just a little bit further up, we had to get on our coats because it was really snowy. It seemed like winter in June… we even had a snowball fight up there!

World Photography Day. Grand Tetons 2013

This was a lucky picture. My cousins, siblings, and I all went on a hike off Jenny Lake and as we were climbing up to the rest stop, I snapped this shot. I love that everyone is in it, and because no one realized I was taking this picture, it was perfectly natural.

World Photography Day. Jenny Lake Hike 2013

This is simple. Shadow heart with my sister 🙂

World Photography Day. Sister Sister 2013

And finally, here are the last two pictures. These look identical to some of the iPhone wallpapers, but I took these and I am very proud of myself. I loved these lilies and I didn’t realize how similar they were to the wallpapers until later when my sister pointed it out. They just looked beautiful and I wanted to capture it. But that’s what photography is all about, isn’t it?

World Photography Day. Flowers World Photography Day. Open Flower

Thank you all for reading this and taking a look at some of my favorite pictures. I know this is completely unrelated to most of the content on my blog, but I wanted to share more about me and this is something I love. I hope you enjoyed it. If this is your first time here, I’d love it if you could tell me so in the comments! Or, check out the Start Here page to see what I usually post. Thanks for reading! Subscribe for more and I’ll see you soon.

  • These photos are stunning Shehla. I always enjoy viewing other people’s photography. I really enjoyed the hot springs. And yes, your photo does look like one of those that belong to a wallpaper.

    • Thank you so much, Mary! I’ve always loved being behind the camera, but I’ve never taken it too seriously or really learned to use my camera, so these shots are mostly luck and beautiful places 🙂

  • Oh goodness…that Giraffe photo is simply amazing!! 🙂

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