Crocheters Gift Guide: 10 Things We Want to Get!

Last week, I shared my Knitters Gift Guide and wrote about all the things that knitters actually want to receive. It’s only fair that this week, I share a Crocheters Gift Guide and talk about the things that crocheters want. Knitting and crochet often get lumped together as one craft, because many people do both, but they are different despite their similarities. So, if you’re looking for something a crocheter would like, take a look below at what we actually want.

Crocheters Gift Guide

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If you don’t knit or crochet, all you see is a piece of yarn magically being woven into something else. At least, that’s what my sister says when she watches me. She doesn’t know the difference between my knitting and crochet, but she has made something clear: I use most of the same tools. Although the craft is different, the only thing I change is whether I’m using a hook or a needle. Knowing that, it only makes sense that there will be some overlap with my Knitters Gift Guide, but there are also crochet-specific gifts one here. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Crochet Hooks

A wonderful and easy option is to get your crocheter a new set of hooks. She (or he) will love having a new set but it’s not something they would typically get for themselves if they already have a set. Most people prefer to spend their money on yarn or their current projects but put off replacing their tools as long as they can.


I love the Knit Picks Bright Crochet Hook set and I’m actually giving a set away! You can enter to win them by clicking the image above!

Or, you can also get the beautiful Caspian Wood Crochet Hooks! Whatever you choose, hooks are a good bet.

Expensive Yarn

Now, this is an overlap from the knitting guide, but you need yarn for both crafts. And we don’t like to buy expensive yarn when we can buy slightly cheaper yarn, but more of it, for the same price. Anyone who knits or crochets will appreciate you giving them a skein or two of beautiful, high-quality yarn that they wouldn’t get for themselves. Some yarns are just luxurious and special to use. A few places to get awesome yarn like that are KnitPicks, Yarnthology, We Are Knitters, and Love Knitting for yarns that are sometimes hard to find in stores.


I just got this gorgeous yarn from Yarnthology and I can’t get over it! It’s the Manos del Uruguay: Algeria line in Colibri.

Yarn Winder

And if you’re getting them gorgeous yarn, why not also get them a yarn winder? These little suckers are exactly what they sound like: a tool to help wind up your yarn. But they are so much more than that! They are organization and peace of mind. They are so handy for rewrapping skeins and balls of yarn that have come loose from use, or ones that need to be rewound before you can really use them. I have this one from KnitPicks (can you tell I love them?) and I use it all the time to keep my stash neat and organized.

img_20161116_130306-2 img_20161116_132953-2

Crochet Notions & Accessories

By accessories, I don’t mean jewelry but the little bits and pieces that make crocheting easier. A few things I would recommend include the following:

Locking stitch markers to help them keep their place

A really good tape measure. I can’t tell you why this is the best out there, but it is! I’ve had it for years and it’s just amazing.

Buttons! You can get them anywhere but some really nice, pretty buttons add to any project and even serve as inspiration for our next one!


Like I said in my Knitters Gift Guide, I am a sucker for books and I think everyone could do with a few more. A book full of crochet patterns or new stitches would be a lovely gift to give someone. I love being able to flip through the pages of my newest book 500 Crochet Stitches: The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible and learn something new or find ideas for something I’m working on.


You could also get a book with patterns of any kind- anything from clothing and garments to the cutest crocheted animals!

And along the same lines as getting books, you can eve gift them a whole course that they can view and take on their own time! has a ton of courses (usually on sale), but here are two that I like:

The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet
Knitting Stitches You Need to Know

Tote Bags

Another awesome gift idea could be getting them a tote bag they could use when taking their crochet with them. Canvas tote bags are good for carrying anything but when I asked around on Facebook, people said they wanted to carry their work with them. You can get some nice designs online in Etsy shops or even on and at We Are Knitters (they do crochet products too!). Here are some that I picked out:


And this is one below would be perfect for someone who knits, crochets or does both!


Or, you can even get a blank canvas tote at your local craft store and decorate it yourself!

Crochet Hook Organizer

This is one I’ve seen floating around for ages, and crocheters are crazy about it. A crochet hook organizer like this one below is a good way to store hooks and any others notions. It always impresses me how much this organizer holds, but there are other options too. You can get another crochet hook organizer or a simple case if they have fewer hooks to store. If you get something like this for a crocheter, it’s sure to be something they use and love!


Yarn Bowls

I talked about yarn bowls in the knitters gift guide, but they’re just as wonderful for crocheters! It’s a nice, decorative bowl to hold the yarn you’re working with so it doesn’t go rolling around the room. They’re handy, but mostly just decorative, and they come in every design you can think of. They are something of a luxury since no one really needs it, which is why it would make a great gift!


Here is a rain cloud one I love!

Custom Stamps

I love the idea of giving someone a customized gift, and this custom “Handmade With Love” stamp is just beautiful! It would show a crocheter who sells her work that you support her business and take her seriously. You can have it customized to have her name on it or even the name of her business! Just be sure to follow the instructions on the listing  and it would make a great gift!


Gift Cards

Last, but not least, is the simple gift card. If you can’t think of anything else to get, a gift card is always a safe option. It allows them to pick out whatever they want and they can return/exchange things if there’s a problem. Also, a gift card to their local yarn store or a favorite online store means that you can be sure they’ll get something they love.

You can also check out the Knitters Gift Guide for more ideas and inspiration! Many of the things on that list could be wonderful for crocheters as well.

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I hope you all enjoyed this and got some ideas. If you knit or crochet, be sure to look around the website some more for free patterns, tutorials and more! Also, subscribers get super exclusive content in the resource library; to get access, just sign up below!

See you guys soon 🙂

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    And a big craft room to put all yarn related items in. With bins or shelves for said room.

    • haha yes! I have something of a craft corner, but I’m outgrowing it already!

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    Great list!! I’ll take one of everything!