Free Pattern: 1-Hour Ribbed Knit Beanie

I love knitting, but sometimes, I just don’t want to spend hours making something. I want a quick project that still leaves me with a nice, professional, finished item that I can use and wear. A few weeks ago, I decided to come up with a pattern that I could use all the time without worrying about time, or difficulty, or the amount of yarn I needed. I wanted something that was “one size fits all” and easy. The result was this awesome ribbed knit beanie that only took me 1 hour and 1 skein of yarn to make. How fantastic is that?! Keep reading for the full pattern.

1-Hour Ribbed Knit Beanie Pattern


  • 1 skein Lion Brand’s Hometown USA yarn (affiliate)
  • US #13 circular knitting needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Faux fur pom pom (I bought mine at Michaels but they were impossible to find. Next time, I’m getting them from here

This pattern is only in one size, and it really is one size fits all, but if you would like to size it differently, don’t forget to check out my Ultimate Hat Sizing Guide. Or, you could download the guide and use it for any other hats you make!

Get this pattern as an inexpensive, ad-free PDF that you can print and take with you on the go!


If you’re new to knitting, here are two videos that will help you out: Long Tail Cast On and 1×1 Rib Stitch.

1. Cast on 56 stitches using a long tail or knitted cast on. Then, being careful not to twist the stitches, join to work in the round. Mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker.

2. *Knit 1, purl 1* around

3. Continue working in K1P1 ribbing until the hat is about 10 inches tall and only 2-3 feet of of yarn remain from the skein. You don’t really need to measure this; just continue working and stop when you only have enough yarn for 2 or three more rounds.

4. K2tog around (28 stitches remain).

5. K2tog around (14). Then, thread the end of the yarn through a jumbo tapestry needle and pull the til through the remaining stitches. Pull to close the top of the beanie, and fasten off the yarn. Weave the tail in and trim any excess.

Finishing Touches:

To finish it off, add your pompom to the top and sew it securely into place. Use a large tapestry needle and be sure to go through the ball of the pom pom, not just the fur, to attach it properly. Wiggle the needle around a bit to make sure you’ve gone through the fabric and batting inside. I used a ready-made faux fur pompom that I got from Michaels. It was actually a keychain and I just removed the keychain part of it, but since then I’ve found some online I like. You can check those out here.

Lastly, I used my trusty lint shaver to remove any excess fuzz and make the stitches really pop.

And that’s it!

Can you believe how crazy easy it is to make this ribbed knit beanie? It’s made so quickly because we’re working with super bulky yarn and really big needles. I love the big stitches and because it’s a ribbed beanie, there’s so much stretch to it that one size really will fit all. I made this ribbed knit beanie using the color Oakland black, and I got the yarn from my local Joann Fabrics. If you don’t have a Joann near you, or if it’s really small and doesn’t have a huge selection (mine didn’t), you can get this yarn from too! It’s the same price, but there are so many more colors available than in my store.


I really hope you like this pattern! These would be great if you wanted to make a bunch and sell them at a craft fair or just to people you know, but please remember to credit me! I’m totally cool with you sharing images and selling anything made from my patterns, as long as you include a link to my post. Have fun making these beanies, and don’t forget to check out my other beanie patterns!

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