Crochet Heart Pattern + National Heart Month

I love February, because even though it’s still dreary and cold, at least January is over and there are things to look forward to. Things like Valentine’s Day and my birthday (on the 24th!) are the big ones, but did you know that February is also National Heart Month? Today, I have not one crochet heart pattern, but TWO to share with you guys today, but I also want to talk about heart disease and why it’s so important to look after yourself.¬†Let’s start with the patterns!

Crochet Heart Pattern

This first heart is the cute, Valentine heart that we all know and love. It’s super easy to made, it’s a great way to use of leftover yarn, and they make adorable gifts! I gave one to my little sister and she’s been carrying it around with her ūüôā

Crochet Heart Pattern


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1. Starting with a magic loop, SC 6 into the loop. Pull the loop closed (6 stitches).

2. Increase in each space by working 2 SC into each SC (12).

3. Work 1 round of SC (12).

4. *SC 1, increase*, repeat around (18).

5-6. Work 2 rounds of SC (18). BO.

Make a second half circle like the first, but do not bind off this time!

7. Holding the two half circles together, side by side, join them with 1 SC in the center. Then SC around both half circles (36).

8. SC around (36).

9. *SC 2, decrease*, repeat around (18).

10. SC around (18)

11. *SC 1, decrease*, repeat around (12)

12-13. SC around for 2 rounds (18).

14. Decrease around (9). Add the stuffing now and pack it in as firmly or softly as you want, depending on how soft you want the heart to be.

15. SC around (9).

16. Decrease around (3). Trim the yarn and thread the tail through a tapestry needle. Run the needle through the last 3 stitches and pull to close the end. Weave in the end and trim the excess yarn.

And you’re all done! This crochet heart pattern is really easy to whip up and you can make them in so many colors. I think these would make really cute little gifts for Valentine’s Day, especially if you made them for your kid’s class. You could also use a string, ribbon or length of yarn and thread it through the back of each heart to make a ¬†garland. Or, if you have a small blanket, you can attach one in the center to make a lovey for baby! The possibilities are endless ūüôā

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Crochet Heart Pattern

Realistic Crocheted Heart Pattern

After I made these cuties, I decided I wanted to try something a little different. So, I made this second crochet heart pattern for a much more realistic heart. This was actually quite easy to make, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what to include and what not to (a real heart has SO many parts/shapes!). I followed a simplified model of the heart, and came up with this pattern.

Realistic Crochet Heart Pattern

For those of you who want to challenge yourselves and make something different, you can get the realistic crochet heart pattern in my shop here or through my Craftsy store!

Okay, so before I go, I wanted to talk to you about heart health and the best way for me to do that, is by telling you a little about my family.

Heart Disease in my Family

In 2007, my dad had a major heart attack.

We got my dad to the hospital and he had everything checked out, and the doctors told us he would need to have a triple bypass surgery to clear up the blocked passages. It was… overwhelming and scary, and no one in my family really knew how to react or what to expect.

After my dad’s procedure,¬†we became much more conscious of our choices. We did everything the doctors said to do, started eating better, going for walks, keeping up with check ups, etc.¬†But heart disease is something we live with everyday now.

Over the last few years, my dad has had a few more procedures and stents put in.

Last month, my dad had to go to the hospital again. He went on the 9th and the doctors and nurses ran their tests. At first, they couldn’t find anything wrong, so we went back for more tests and second opinions. This time, he got another procedure done, one that wasn’t available 10 years ago when he had his bypass. When it was done, it cleared up the passages that had been bugging him for years.

Right now, my dad is doing great, thank God. Better, actually, than he’s been for years. Medicine has come a long way, and we’re grateful that it did, but the best option would be to take care of yourself before something happens.

Why Should You Care?

Today is National Wear Day, and it’s ¬†all about raising awareness of heart disease for women. Heart¬†problems are sometimes thought of as a “man’s disease”, but, it’s also the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. And, it’s preventable! Your lifestyle and diet really affect how healthy your heart is, and most of us, as knitters and crocheters, probably lead very stationary lives. Eating healthy and staying active are just two of the ways to take care of your heart.¬†You can read more about other ways to lower your risk of heart attack and stroke if you check out the links below:

Go to the CDC’s page to get more facts on heart disease in women and what you can do.

How to Celebrate National Wear Red Day

Okay, I know that¬†was a lot of info, but it’s important to know and talk about. I hope it makes you think and make changes to your lifestyle. I’m actually going for a run after I write this, but walking or jogging are good alternatives too. Share this with others to spread the awareness!


Also, if you’re looking for something red to wear, check out my basic tasseled scarf pattern. It’s one of the patterns in my free ebook, The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet, along with 14 other patterns and tutorials for beginners. It’s quick and you can make it in an hour or two. I love this crochet heart pattern, but you can’t really wear them, can you?

I hope you enjoyed my super long post, and thank you for making it to the end! I’ll see you guys with more (normal length) posts soon ūüôā

  • Amanda

    Love love love this post! Now if I can figure it out it will be even better I am better seeing it as well! I am living with heart disease for 10 years now and am currently 34. I had two heart attacks when I was six months pregnant, my daughter is a beautiful smart 10 year old now and you wouldn’t be able to tell she had a shaky start so I love the real looking heart and the fact that you are raising awareness! Thanks!

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing your story, Amanda.. I’m turning 24 in a couple of days, and I can’t even imagine something like that happening. I’m glad that you and your daughter are doing well and I’m so glad that you liked my post and the hearts!

  • Edna Siu

    I love to make this crochet heart, but I am not good at reading the instruction, I wonder if you do video like Youtube?