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The Blue Elephants is a knitting and crochet blog dedicated to teaching, sharing patterns, and creating a community of people who love to create. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, I want to teach you new techniques and to be a resource that you can turn to. Every pattern shared on The Blue Elephants includes step-by-step instructions, detailed pictures, along with any other resources that may help you out. My patterns are also available in printable PDFs which you can find in the resource library, along with bonus content and guides just for subscribers. I also love to share tips and information about some of my favorite products so that you know exactly what I use and can follow along with ease.

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Get To Know Me!

About Me

I’m Shehla (pronounced Shay-la) and I’m the face behind the blog. Growing up, I always had some project I was working on, whether it was writing poetry, learning to bake, or redesigning our house to be exactly as I wanted. In 2010, I saw a crocheted hat that I loved but couldn’t buy, so I decided I would learn to crochet one myself. I found videos online, looked through blogs for tutorials and even checked out a few books, but the process was slow-going. I was learning too many different ways to do that same thing and it was frustrating to have so many sources that mixed me up. When I finally did learn, I completely fell in love with crocheting; it became my favorite hobby and I wanted to share it with everyone. So, I started making little toys and giving them away to friends. Usually, I gave them blue elephants.

By 2014, I had also learned to knit and I was getting pretty good at following complicated patterns and making up my own designs. I was still writing, and baking, and renovating, and doing all the things I loved. One day, my cousin suggested I start a blog to keep track of it all and share my projects with people. And although the idea of putting myself out there made me nervous, I saw it as an opportunity to teach people in a way that wasn’t really available to me in the beginning. I started The Blue Elephants so that when people wanted to learn crochet, they only had to go to one place where they could learn the basics through writing, pictures, and videos. Somewhere they could find patterns and ask for advice.

You can check out The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet here!

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Some other random stuff about me:

  • I’m a major bookworm. I graduated from my university in 2015 with a BA in English Literature, and some of my favorite books include Harry Potter, Eragon, the works of Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and anything fantasy.
  • I love plays. In high school, we had class field trips to the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and I was completely hooked. Since then, I’ve seen several plays there and I try to go to any local plays being held in my area too.
  • Because I am 5 years old at heart, I love Disney movies. Particularly Aladdin.
  • I love potatoes. And cheese. It’s very important that you know this about me.
  • I’m constantly changing up my surroundings. Whenever I see ideas for different organization or decor, I try it out, so my room gets a mini-makeover every few months.

Let’s Be Friends!

Thanks for checking out The Blue Elephants! I hope you enjoy the site and learn to make awesome things. If you have any suggestion or requests for patterns, feel free to send me a message letting me know. Or, just tell me a little about yourself and we can be friends!

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