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The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet Ebook

Learn to crochet at your own pace!
Interested in crochet? Want a cohesive lesson plan and beginner-friendly projects to practice with? The Beginner's Guide to Crochet is perfect for you!


If you've ever wanted to learn crochet, but just didn't know where to start, this is the guide for you!

When I taught myself to crochet back in 2008, I scoured the internet looking for videos, blogs, anything to help me learn. And although I found plenty of information, everyone taught crochet differently and the lessons got me all mixed up.

So, I decided I wanted to create ONE resource, ONE place for you to learn the basics of crochet. And here it is!


15 Video Tutorials
The ebook has 15 videos that teach you the very basic steps and stitches for crochet. Start by learning how to create a slip knot, how to make a foundation chain, and work your first single crochet stitch. Then build up your skillset with a few more basic stitches, two decorative stitches, and instructions on how to crochet in the round, increase and decrease. Everything you need, in bite-sized lessons!
15 Step-By-Step Picture Tutorials
Each video is broken down even more into stills showing you exactly what each step looks like and how to achieve it. Each lesson contains easy to reference, clear pictures and instructions describing how to make each stitch, what to look for and helpful tips!
15 Beginner Friendly Patterns
Learn to make anything with these 15 patterns designed to be perfect for beginners. Use the basic stitches taught in the lessons to create simple beanies, baby booties, accessories like boot cuffs, scarves, coasters, and more! You can even make flowers and little bows to dress up any simple item!
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