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How To Design Your Own Patterns Workbook

Not sure? Click the image to go to the blog post where I give you some tips and advice about designing patterns. 

Have your ever thought about designing your own knitting or crochet patterns? Maybe you have the perfect idea in mind, but aren't quite sure how to turn it into a reality?

Well, I'm here to give away my secrets! 

I've always loved crocheting and knitting, and exploring all the things I can come up with. Over the years, I've designed several patterns of my own, many of which I never wrote down and are lost forever (or until I try to recreate them lol). But, through all of that and years of trial and error, I developed a system that guides me through the process of designing an item, writing the pattern, and troubleshooting if something goes wrong. 

And, you can get it all FOR FREE!

Sign up below and get the Designing Your Own Patterns Workbook. Here are some of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Places to keep track of important measurements, skills, and materials used
  • Sections where you can fill out your own steps/pattern notes
  • Advice on what to keep in mind 
  • A grid page to help plan out any colorwork/textures

Just fill out the box below and you'll have access to the resource library with this and other freebies!