2016 Roundup: The Best Posts, Milestones & More!

by Shehla Ahmed

Can you believe 2016 is already over?? It feels like just a few weeks ago that I was writing up the last post of 2015 and now I’m writing the 2016 roundup. This year has been great and I really feel that this blog and the community has grown over the course of the year. Today, I wanted to talk about some of the best posts of the year, the nes you guys liked the more, and a few milestones that I’ve reached with this blog.

2016 Roundup: The Best Posts

Based entirely off views and how many people subscribed after reading these posts, these were my top posts of 2016. Before, my blog was about anything and everything (it wasn’t even called The Blue Elephants), but I made a point to narrow my focus this year. Instead of writing about anything I was doing, I wanted to make this a knitting and crochet blog. So, my top posts this year were all crochet themed, which is awesome!

Top 10 Free Crochet Flower Patterns

I love these flowers and I hope to do something more with them in the next year!

3-in-1 Infinity Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

This super easy and versatile scarf was a hit and so many of you loved it!

How to Make a Crochet Pokeball

This one surprised me a little. I wasn’t expecting my tutorial on how to make a ball (and pokeball) to be so popular but then again, I’m still obsessed with Pokemon, too 😀

Crochet Elephant Pattern

The crochet elephant was actually my most recent post, but it was so highly requested that I’m including it anyways! This little guy was the inspiration behind my blog name, or at least, the original elephant was. When I created this new blog and called it The Blue Elephants, a bunch of people wanted the pattern, so here it is!


Blogging started out as a random hobby for me, just somewhere to write about the 5 million projects I was already doing. I didn’t expect anyone other than my cousin and my best friend to be reading it. But, a few years later, here we are reaching milestones and growing in a way I didn’t think was possible. A 2016 roundup wouldn’t be complete without sharing some of those milestones.

Reaching over 1,500 subscribers!

That is crazy! I said I only expected 2 people to be reading, and that was in 2014. In January, there were around 200 of us in the herd. I made it a goal to reach 500 subscribers by the end of the year, and we certainly did that! Thank you so much for subscribing, downloading the freebies and being part of this <3

Holding 1st Giveaway

This year, I also held the first giveaway on The Blue Elephants! I wanted to do something for you guys after sticking with me when I disappeared for a month, deleted my old  blog, and created this new one. And then again when I reached the first 1,000 subscribers. I gave away a set of my favorite crochet hooks (read the review here) and I can’t wait to hold more giveaways in the future. Hopefully, they’ll be international!

Opening a Shop

Free Stock Photos for Blogs at picxclicx

And just last week, I did something I’d been wanting to do since I learned to crochet: I opened a shop! Now, I can share patterns that I normally wouldn’t post about (things that aren’t exactly beginner friendly, or ones that are just special) and you guys can buy those patterns. They’re all affordable and ad-free, and you’ll get the patterns as printable PDFs. It’s a small shop, but I will be adding to it all the time in the coming years! Go check it out here 🙂

New Freebies

In December last year, I released my very first freebie and it was The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet. You guys loved it so much, and I still get loads of praise for it. So, thank you! But since then, I’ve also come up with more freebie and bonuses, all of which are available in the resource library when you subscribe. Here are my favorites:


The Ultimate Guide to Sizing Hats – get hats right the first time! You’ll never have to guess how big to make a hat anymore because this chart lists all the measurements you need for every size hat.


Designing Your Own Patterns Workbook – this went along with my post on the same topic and it’s a template to help you track and write your own patterns. I use it myself and I love it.

Plus, I also made concise, printable PDFs of some of my most popular patterns. Now you can print them out and take them without you without having to pull up the post every time you need to reference the pattern.

You Guys!

And the last thing I wanted to celebrate this year was being about to see your work and how you interpreted my patterns. I love being able to see what you guys make, and a few of you have sent my pictures of your finished giraffes.

This classic giraffe is done by Tracy. Love how she worked the spot into the rounds!

This blue guy is by Margie and was the first picture I received! I think this bowtie makes him extra cute!

And here is Oscar, made by Lis! I LOVE that she used stripes because the color just pop at you 🙂

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Thank you so much for reading and checking out the highlights of this 2016 roundup. This year has been awesome, but I am ready for 2017 and to get to work on all the great ideas I have lined up. I’m coming up with a few knitting and crochet goals for the next year, which I will share in a post coming soon. But, in the meantime, let me know what your goals are for 2017? Is there something you’re dying to try or something you’d really love to master? 

Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! There is going to be so much you don’t want to miss out on in 2017!

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