How to Make a Crocheted Leprechaun (Pattern)

by Shehla Ahmed

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so I  decided to play around the idea of making a crocheted leprechaun! This is my first crocheted doll, and although I’ve made a lot of animals other toys, this is the first time I’ve made something that’s meant to look more human. It was actually a much easier project than some of my other animals (like that Charizard!), and then adding the accessories really made my crocheted leprechaun come to life. The full pattern is below, so keep reading!

Crocheted Leprechaun Pattern

This crocheted leprechaun is made from the bottom up, starting with the legs and feet, working up the body, and then adding facial features and clothing at the end. I worked in continuous rounds with slip stitch at the end of each round and I used a hodge podge of yarn scarps that I had.

Materials (affiliate):

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Feet/legs (make 2):

1. First, we’ll start with the boots and work up. With black yarn, create a magic loop and work 6 SC into it. Pull the loop closed, but do not slip stitch to close.

2. Increase into each space by working 2 SC into each space (12).

3. SC around (12).

4. *SC 1, increase* and repeat everything from * to * around (18)

5-7. SC around for 3 rounds (18).

8. *SC 1, decrease by skipping a space and SC into the next* and repeat around (12).

9. SC around.

10. Switch to a medium green yarn and SC around for 16 rounds (12). Bind off, but leave a long tail for sewing the legs onto the body later.

Body and Head:

1. With the same medium green as the legs, we’ll start with the pants. Create a magic loop and work 6 SC into it. Pull the loop closed (6).

2. Increase in each space (12).

3. *SC 1, increase* and repeat around (18).

4. *SC 2, increase* and repeat around (24).

5. *SC 3, increase* and repeat around (30).

6. SC around.

7. *SC 4, increase* and repeat around (36).

8. SC around.

9. *SC 5, increase* and repeat around (42).

10-13. SC around for 4 rounds.

Switch to a dark green yarn for the shirt.

14. SC around for 1 round.

15. *SC 5, decrease* and repeat around (36).

16-27. SC around for 12 rounds (36).

28. *SC 4, decrease* and repeat around (30).

29. SC around. At this point, start to add the stuffing and continue to add more as you work. It gets harder to fill once you’re crocheting the head.

30. *SC 3, decrease* and repeat around (24).

31. SC around.

32. *SC 2, decrease* and repeat around (18).

33. SC around.

34. *SC 1, decrease* and repeat around (12).

35. SC around.

Switch to a cream/flesh colored yarn for the neck and head.

36. SC around for 1 round.

37. Increase in each space (24).

38-45. SC around for 8 rounds.

39. *SC 2, decrease* and repeat around (18).

40. *SC 1, decrease* and repeat around (12). Finish stuffing and bind off.

Hands and Arms (make 2):

1. With cream colored yarn, create a magic loop and work 6 SC into it. Pull the loop closed.

2. Increase into each space (12).

3-7. SC around for 5 rounds (12).

Switch to the same dark green you used for the shirt.

8-22. SC around for 15 rounds. Bind off, leaving a long tail to sew the arms to the body.


Back piece

1. With a bright green, chain 11. Turn, and starting with the second space from the hook, HDC 10. This is going to the collar on the back part of the vest (10).

2. Increase in the first space by working 2 HDC into the same space, HDC along until the last space, increase in the last space. (12).

3-6. HDC for 4 rows (12).

7. Increase in first space, HDC along, increase in last (14).

8-9. HDC for 2 rows.

10. Increase in first space, HDC along, increase in last (16). Bind off, leaving a long tail.

Front pieces (make 2)

1. With a bright green, chain 6. Turn, and starting with the second space from the hook, HDC 5.

2-10. HDC for 9 rows. Bind off leaving a long tail.

Now, sew the front pieces to either side of the back piece using the long tails. Leave about an inch on either side for the armholes. I held my pieces onto the crocheted leprechaun (with arms attached) and used stitch markers to maker where the arms would go. Then I just sewed until the marker on either side and that created the armholes.

Attach a yellow/gold yarn to any corner of the sewn vest and SC around the border to add a nice trim.


1. With bright green yarn, create a magic loop and work 6 SC into it. Pull the loop closed.

2. Increase in each space (12).

3. *SC 1, increase* and repeat around (18).

4. *SC 2, increase* and repeat around (24).

5. SC 1 round in the back loops only.

6-12. SC around for 7 rounds normally (24).

13. SC 1 round in the front loops only to turn the brim.

14-16. SC around for 3 rounds. Bind off.


1. With orange yarn, chain 20. Then, slip stitch into the 4th space from the hook. SC into the next.

2. Continuing down the chain, work this pattern: *chain 4, slip stitch to the first, SC into the next space on the original chain*. Repeat that pattern along the way down to create the “peaks” of his beard. Then bind off, leaving a long tail to sew the beard onto his face.


1. Chain X, turn and HDC in each space. Bind off and sew the ends of the belt closed.

2. For the belt around his hat, chain X and slip stitch to the first chain to form a loop. Bind off.

You can either sew these belts into place around the body and the hat, or just place them into position and leave them. I left them.


Now that you have all of the pieces done, it’s time to assemble and dress your crocheted leprechaun! If you haven’t already, add stuffing to the arms and legs, but fill gently and don’t pack it in much near the tops.

First, place the legs where you want them to be on the body and pin them in place using either straight pins or stitch markers. I lined mine up with the 6th round from the base of the body and about 5 stitches apart. Then, thread the long tail ends through your tapestry needle and sew them into place. If you want to, sew the belt on where the pants meet the shirt.

Do the same for the arms. I attached my leprechaun’s arms where I started the decreases and the body came inwards towards the shoulders/neck. Use my pictures as references.

Okay, it’s starting to look like a person now!

Let’s make him more leprechaun-like, though. Position the beard onto the leprechaun’s face and use pins at the top of each side (where it will disappear under the hat) to hold the beard in place. Thread the long tail through your tapestry needle and sew the beard on with a running stitch.

Place the hat on top of the head, at a slight angle, the sew the hat to the top of the head, being sure to leave thee brim out. You can also just leave the hat so it’s removable, but I wanted to secure it on. You can also sew the hat’s belt on, or leave it alone.

Finally, use the embroidery floss to embroider on a simple smile and the eyes. This doesn’t have to be fancy (and I certainly can’t embroider anything fancy), but just add two dots and a line to finish the face. Cut two little buckles out of felt, and glue them onto both belts. Dress the leprechaun in his vest and you’re done!

And you’re done!

I hope you guys liked this pattern and you make it! There’s another week until St. Patrick’s Day, and this guy only took about a day and a half to make (he took much longer to photoshoot, but you know how tricky leprechauns are :D). I really had fun making this crocheted leprechaun and I’m so pleased with how he turned out! If you guys want more like this, check out my other patterns and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. When you subscribe, you’ll get updates for new posts, subscriber-only bonuses in the resource library and sale alerts for my patterns and offers from my affiliate partners! Just fill out the box below 🙂

See you soon!

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Vesk September 17, 2018 - 4:34 pm

If we were to make a female leprechaun what changes would you suggest making?

Shehla Ahmed September 18, 2018 - 3:08 pm

Hi Vesk!

For a female leprechaun, I would make the legs slightly thinner by working one less increase round. Instead of a beard, I would make give her long hair (attached the same way as I did for my Aurora Unicorn pattern also on this blog), and give her a dress instead of the outfit I have here. I can’t think of a dress pattern on the fly but play around with a trapezoid shape and sew the sides together, maybe give it straps? I hope that helps! Please share a picture when you’re done, I’d love to see how it turns out.

Sharon Culpepper Britt March 25, 2017 - 1:23 pm

Your leprechaun is so cute. Now if I could only crochet. Thank you for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create~Bake~Make link party!

Shehla Ahmed March 25, 2017 - 7:46 pm

haha, thanks! I’m glad you like it 🙂

Carol March 13, 2017 - 6:43 am

He is so cute!! Thank your for the pattern!!

Shehla Ahmed March 18, 2017 - 3:46 pm

No problem 🙂 I’m so glad you like him!