Craftsy Yarn Haul + Extra Goodies!

by Shehla Ahmed
Craftsy Yarn Haul

We all love crocheting and knitting, but let’s be honest, the best part of it all is buying yarn. I try to only buy new yarn only when I have a project in mind or an order to fill, but sometimes I can’t resist the feel of certain fibers or the colors of others. And when yarn shops have sales, I have no self control. Who else is guilty of this?? Last week, Craftsy had their March Supplies Event and I bought a ton of new yarn! Some of it is for projects I have in mind, but the rest was because it was on sale. I also picked up a few things on Amazon, so I included them in my Craftsy yarn haul! Take a look below to see what I bought and what I plan to do with it.

Craftsy Yarn Haul

1. Cloudborn Superwash Merino Bulky

The first thing I picked up was the bulky Cloudborn yarn in a few different colors for a blanket I’m planning. I wanted a warm mocha, coffee kind of feel, so I went with these colors: black, espresso heather, stone heather, taupe heather (although I considered Shaela Heather, just because it was almost my name!), and ecru. It’s so squishy, guys, I can’t wait to use it! This yarn is exclusive to Craftsy so check out the website for more colors.

2. Bernat Softee Chunky

I’m planning two baby blankets for the next couple months; one for a cousin and one for my sister’s friend. For one of those, I chose a couple skeins of Bernat Softee in seagreen and gray heather, but I haven’t yet decided whether to use them together or with other yarns.  I loved these colors together though, and since I don’t know the gender of either baby, these seemed like good neutral colors that were still soft and cute. My local Joann Fabric does hold this yarn, but there aren’t very many colors.

3. Cascade Cherub DK

I also picked up a bunch of softer DK weight yarn in a bright colors from Cascade yarns. These were part of the Crested Bands Baby Blanket Kit, and although I think the blanket itself is gorgeous, I’m thinking of using these for other baby clothes. I have a book full of patterns using the Cherub DK yarn, and there are a few I have picked out that I want to try. These are just so soft and light that I know they’re going to be great to work with for Spring and Summer.

4. Sprightly Acrylic Wool Worsted

I use worsted weight yarn more than anything else and I’ve seen so many great reviews of the Sprightly brand that I just went ahead and picked up 14 skeins of the stuff. Fourteen! I didn’t realize it at the time, but they’re wonderfully soft and easy to wash, so I’m happy with them. I got 7 in Misty Pink and 7 in Crimson, which is more of a berry tone than what the picture shows. It matches the swatch on the website though. This is another Craftsy exclusive yarn.


Craftsy has some awesome patterns and pattern kits that you can purchase too. When you buy one, you get the pattern as a download in your library and all of the yarn to make the item. You can choose sizes and colors, and the whole kit is at a discounted price – especially when it’s on sale. I picked up a few kits, and the yarn above is from them, but you can always use them separately for whatever you like.

1. Crested Bands Baby Blanket Crochet Kit

I love the look of this baby blanket and it looks like an easy project. This is something I’m either going to use now for one of the baby blankets I need to make, or I’ll save it for later and make a thick, chunky throw.

2. Square Within A Square Blanket Knitting Kit

The look of this blanket is amazing! I just love how this texture was created using just a combination of garter stitch and stockinette! I can’t wait to make this one in the Misty Pink color.

3. Sporty One-Piece Cardigan Crochet Kit

I’m a little bit nervous about this one. I’ve made two sweaters before, but neither one really turned out the way I imagined it. I have trouble figuring out how to size them and make them fit right, so I thought I’d try a kit. This had great reviews and some people even mentioned that they were able to make this cardigan even though they have trouble with adult clothing. I’ll let you know how it goes once I make it!

Other Yarny Goodies

While I was at it, I decided to get some of the other tools and accessories that I’ve been meaning to get. I’ve already been using these things for a few days now, so I’ll be doing reviews and “how to” videos showing you how I use these things soon.

1. Collins Flat Flower Pins

These are simple, but I needed nice long pins for me and my mom. She wanted something with a big head that she could easily pick out when sewing, and the flat flower of these worked perfectly. As she’s sewing, they just lie flat on the fabric, and then she can pull them out as she gets to them. I wanted them for holding together crocheted pieces while I assemble my characters. These are really long so they stay in place better than the ones I was using before.

2. Stanford Amish Yarn Swift

Out of everything else I bought, this is my favorite. I needed a yarn swift for the hanks of yarn I bought from Craftsy (the Cloudborn), and because I will be getting more hanks soon. Hanks like the ones in the first image need to be rewound into balls or cakes before they can be used. There are ways to do this without a swift, but swifts make it so much easier. I’m already working on a post showing how I use mine and a review of this one!

3. 10-Pounds of Polyfill

I was tired of running to the craft store every time I ran out of stuffing mid-project, so I ordered a ginormous box of stuffing from Amazon! This is a 10 pound box that’s going to last me forever; to put that into perspective… the normal-sized bags you get at craft stores are only 12 ounces. They look like a good amount, but they’re really less than a pound and because you use more than you realize when filling, it’s never enough. Now, I will never have to run out for a measly bag of stuffing again! And it wasn’t even expensive to get this much.

4. 264-piece Safety Eyes Set

Lastly, I got a kit of safety eyes in all different sizes and colors. I make a lot of stuffed animals and plushies, so I even though this is more than I’ll ever need, I like that it gives me so many options. Thee package was broken in one corner when I got it, and the colors were jumbled together, but it didn’t really make much of a difference. It still opens and closes properly and nothing spills out. Give me some ideas for plushies, I have plenty of stuffing and eyes for loads of toys now!


That’s everything I bought! Craftsy is one of my favorite online shops for yarn and other knitting and crochet goodies, so I’m super happy that I get to be an affiliate for them and share these things with you. One of the perks I get as an affiliate is knowing when all of their sales are going to be and sharing that information with you guys! So, if you’re interested in staying in the loop and know about future sale events from Craftsy, as well as post updates and new patterns from me, sign up for the newsletter below! You’ll also be given access to my resource library full of subscriber only content. I hope you liked this type of post; I’ll be posting much more in April so that I can answer all the requests you guys have been sending in for informational and non-pattern posts. Sign up so you don’t miss anything!

See you soon 🙂

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