Crochet Articuno Pokèmon Pattern!

by Shehla Ahmed

Hello everyone! This post is coming out a little bit later in the day, but it’s so worth it! This week, I finally finished making, designing, and writing up the pattern for my crochet Articuno. Before I even started, I was struggling to picture how I would make this come together in a way that I was happy with, but in the end, I decided to just start and see how it went.

And it went AWESOME!

I’m so pleased with this guy and I can’t wait to give him to my niece. She requested him so many months ago, and although I made my crocheted Charizard and a Snorlax for her brothers without any problems, Articuno had me stumped. But that girl has been so patient. Finally, she’ll have her Pokèmon too!

Crochet Articuno Pattern


Here’s a little bit about this pattern:

  • He’s 18 inches tall and has a wingspan (from the tip of one wing to the other) of 13 inches.
  • This crochet Articuno is constructed in parts, which are all seamed together at the end.
  • The main stitches used are single crochet and half double crochets, so it’s easy for beginners too.
  • There are pipe cleaners in his legs and tail so they are posable.
  • He’s a little top heavy, so he won’t stand on his own unless he’s leaning against something

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The PDF is 13 pages and includes a ton of info:

  • Everything about the sizing and gauge
  • A list of materials
  • All the skills and techniques that went into this crochet Articuno
  • Pattern details and pictures for each body part
  • A few diagrams/step by step pictures to help with the more complicated sections
  • Close up of assembly and instructions on placement
  • And so, so many pictures!

crochet articuno pattern

I hope you guys like this and give it try! Or, if you’re more of a Charizard or Snorlax fan, try the patterns for those guys! I’m super pleased with this and I really think this is my favorite pattern yet. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I’ll see you guys soon 🙂

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