All About Blocking Crochet & Knits

by Shehla Ahmed

Do you block your finished items? Lately, I’ve had readers ask how to fix small sizing errors in their projects or why something is misshapen. Each time, I find myself suggesting that they block the piece. I’ve given short descriptions on how to do that, but I want to go into more detail today. Blocking crochet and knitting is so helpful and it takes care of a lot of the little inconsistencies that come from making something by hand. If you’re new to blocking crochet and want that extra special, professional touch, today’s post is all about why you should block your finished items and different ways to do it. So, let’s get started!



All About Blocking Crochet (& Knits)



What is Blocking?


Basically, blocking crochet or knitting means to slightly reshape it. You wet the fibers and pin them down into the shape you want them to be in. When the fibers dry, they set in that position so that your finished piece is smoother and more defined. It can also help to make something that’s just a tiny bit too small meet the right measurement. It won’t reshape your garment from a small to a medium, but if you need just another 1/4 inch in the body, blocking will help. Blocking crochet or knitting also smoothes out the stitches, especially if you worked in a lacy design or if your design is puckered from being held.



How to Block


There are 3 different kinds of blocking: spray blocking, wet blocking, and steam blocking. I’m only going to talk about the first two, though. Steam blocking is trickier and if it’s done incorrectly, it’ll ruin your piece. The other two ways are so much easy and more reliable, so I never use steam and I haven’t come across anything that needs so harsh a blocking.


Before I jump into how to do spray or wet block, let’s talk about the tools you’ll need. There’s nothing fancy, but here are some materials that make it all a bit easier.





You don’t have to get the blocking boards, but they help a TON. I love these, especially since they’re waterproof and have those grid lines. They also fit together like a puzzle so I can arrange them to fit my item.