Crochet Abbreviations: Making Sense of US vs UK Crochet Terms

by Shehla Ahmed
crochet abbreviations

Hey, everyone! Today’s post is quick since it’s not really a tutorial or a pattern. Something a lot of people have trouble with when it comes to reading patterns is understanding all the crochet abbreviations. Whether it’s for the stitches themselves, instructions in the pattern, or getting confused between USA and UK terms, pattern reading should be easy. So, to help you out a bit, I rounded up some of the most common terms and their crochet abbreviations. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I’ll be updating it as I come across more or if I decide to add more specific stitches to the list. Also, there’s a free printable version of this list if you want to grab that from the resource library.



Crochet Abbreviations


Abbreviations in Patterns

This first part contains abbreviations used in patterns to explain a step or set of instructions. Everything but the stitches really.

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Measurement Abbreviations

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Stitch Abbreviations

These are the actual stitches and their abbreviations. I’ll be updating this as I learn new stitches and do more tutorials.

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US vs UK Terms

With crochet abbreviations, a lot of the mix up comes from not knowing whether you’re looking at USA terms or UK terms. I never realized how confusing it could be until recently and wow! Hopefully, this should

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Crochet Abbreviation CHEAT SHEET

If you’ve ever had trouble for figuring out the abbreviations or deciphering between the US and Uk terms, I hope this cleared things up! You can also get a printable version of this list in the resource library by signing up below for FREE. Just fill out the box and you’re done!



Thanks for reading! I’m working on creating more posts that deal with basics like this and how to do some of the more overlooked things, so stay tuned. I’ll see you soon 🙂