DIY Pom-Pom Garland Tutorial

by Shehla Ahmed

Hi, everyone! Today’s post a quick one. Last week, I showed you how to make the perfect DIY pom-poms with your leftover yarn. Pom-poms are awesome for adding on to your finished projects to make them a bit more fun. You can add them onto the top of beanies, on the corners of blankets, on pillows… anything really. One fun way to use pom-poms though is to create a DIY pom-pom garland! These are fun, easy, and make great backgrounds for pictures or just to hang around  room to add color. Here’s how to make one.

DIY Pom-Pom Garland

To make this garland, you’re only going to need a few things. Obviously, you’re going to need some pom-poms. I made a bunch of poms in different colors and sizes using the same method I used in this tutorial.

You’re also going to need a long strand of a thick yarn. I used a length of the Caron One Pound because it’s nice and strong. You could also use twine or ribbon if you like. And you’ll need a tapestry needle. I love this jumbo one.


Once you have all your pom-poms ready, line them up in the order that you want them to be. Just arrange them so you can see how you’re garland will look. I used different sized poms so I had the big ones on the ends and one in the middle. Then I alternated between the colorful medium ones and the silver little ones.

Now thread your thick yarn/twine/ribbon through the tapestry needle. Insert the needle into the center of the pom and pull the needle out the other side. You want to be sure you go through the center where it’s densest and not just through the outside fluff. Your needle may get stuck a little but it’ll go through and you’ll know it’s secure.

Go through each pom-pom you made until they are all on the yarn.

You don’t need to tie any knots to keep them in place or anything. If the yarn you  strung them up on is thick enough, they’ll stay put unless you slide them over with your hand. So, go ahead and move the poms around to get the spacing how you like it and you’re done!

I used the extra yarn on either side of the pom-pom garland to hang it up so I let the ends long. I have a white foam board I use as a backdrop and I just used binder clips to hold the pom-pom garland to the board. Now I have a fun background I can use, or I can place it somewhere else in my room just for decoration and color.

I’m not a huge fan of being in front of the camera, but I thought I’d take a few pictures to show you how you can use it.

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