Herringbone Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

by Shehla Ahmed
Herringbone Beanie Free Pattern

A few weeks ago, I tested a fingerless gloves pattern for Emalee of RestingStitchFaceEm and  I loved her design. They were simple and beautiful, and  I got a chance to learn the herringbone stitch. I’d been meaning to try it for ages, but never got around to it until then. Once I finished testing the gloves, I knew I wanted a full set in the same style, so I designed the Herringbone Beanie to go along with her darling gloves. I made both using just one skein of Scarfie yarn and a great variation of simple stitches. The fingerless gloves pattern is available in Em’s shop, and you can keep reading for the beanie pattern!

Herringbone Beanie Pattern

Materials (Affiliates):


  • FDC – foundation double crochet
  • FPDC- front post double crochet
  • BPDC- back post double crochet
  • HbDC – herringbone double crochet – YO, insert your hook into the space and pull a loop through the space and the first loop on the hook. YO and pull through 1 loop. YO and pull through both loops.

Get the full abbreviations list + UK/USA conversions here!


This is the small size (about 20-inch circumference). The PDF copy in my shop includes sizing for medium/large and how to customize it to any size! Also, because this stitch pattern is worked in back and forth rows, the Herringbone Beanie will be worked flat and then seamed together at the end.


1. Work 60 foundation double crochet. To do that, chain 4, YO and insert the hook into the first chain, pull up a loop to make a chain, then YO and finish the DC as normal. For each FDC after, YO and insert your hook into the chain made with the previous stitch.

Or, chain 60 loosely and DC across. 

2. Chain 2, turn. *FPDC, BPDC* all the way done the row (60 stitches).

3-6. Repeat row 2 for another 4 rows to create the ribbing. You’ll see the FPDCs line up with each other and the BPDC line up on the other side.

7. Chain 2, turn. Work a HbDC into each space along the row (60).

8-21. Repeat row 7 for another 14 rows. This herringbone pattern is made up of every row slanting in the opposite direction so you should see the pattern after working a few rows.

Decreasing the Crown

22. Chain 2, turn. HbDC 1. Pick up a loop from each of the next 2 spaces so you have 3 loops on the hook, pull the first loop through the second, YO and pull through 1 loop, then YO and pull through both loops. This is a decrease in HbDC. *HbDC 1, decrease* all the way down. You should have 40 stitches now.

The next decreases are worked normally -pull up loops from the next 2 space, YO and pull through all three loops.

23. *SC 6, decrease* along the row. (35)

24. *SC 5, decrease* along the row. (30)

25. *SC 4, decrease* along the row. (25)

26. *SC 3, decrease* along the row. (20)

27. *SC 2, decrease* along the row. (15)

28. *SC 1, decrease* along the row. (10)

29. Decrease 5 times and bind off, leaving a long tail to sew the Herringbone beanie closed.

You’ll have something that looks like the image below. If you fold it in half, it looks like a regular beanie, but right now, it’s a rectangle that pulls closer together at the top. To finish the beanie, thread the tail yarn through a tapestry needle and run it through the front loop of the last 5 space, starting with the one you worked first. Pull it closed to secure the top of the beanie.

Now, use small stitches and sew along the open side of the beanie. You can use a whipstitch or any other stitch you like, but try to keep your stitches on this side of the fabric so you don’t see the seam very much when you flip it inside out. Once you’ve worked all the way down the side, weave in the ends and trim the excess yarn.

And you’re done!

This is a really pretty stitch pattern that only sounds complicated because of the Herringbone stitch. It’s really just a modified double crochet, and it’s used evenly throughout the entire beanie. I love how this turned out and it was so nice to work on Emalee’s fingerless gloves for this set.

The fingerless gloves worked up in just an hour and the beanie took me another 2 hours to make, all using one skein of yarn. I actually have enough leftover to make another beanie! Try this pattern out and don’t forget to get gloves too! You can find them here. And you can pick up the PDF of this Herringbone Beanie pattern with the additional sizing in my shop here.

Thanks so much for reading everyone! I’ve been working on lots of beanies for this season so don’t forget to check out some of the others too!

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I’ll see you soon 🙂

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Thora September 17, 2018 - 5:23 pm

Would you happen to have the pattern for the gloves as well? The person is no longer there or on the site for the pattern for the gloves.

Shehla Ahmed September 18, 2018 - 3:02 pm

I don’t think I’m allowed to share the exact pattern since it was someone else’s creation, but you can recreate them quite easily. Create a chain that’s long enough to go around the widest part of your hand (around the 4 knuckles) and work in the same herringbone pattern until you have a rectangle that as tall as you want the glove to be. Then, bind off and sew the sides closed, leaving a gap for your thumb.

I hope that helps! Sorry about the pattern, the seller disappeared and no one’s been able to get in touch with her.

Thora September 19, 2018 - 8:08 pm

I am only asking because I want to make these for my mama. I want to make sure I to make them correctly for them to be comfortable for her since she has arthritis. Is there any way you can email it to me since I cant find the seller please

Shehla Ahmed September 19, 2018 - 11:50 pm

It’s against copyright laws for me to share her exact pattern, but you can make the same gloves with my explanation in the previous comment. It’s just a rectangle in the same stitch, folded over and sewn closed with a hole for the thumb. If you like, visit my pattern for simple wristwarmers in the search bar above and use that as a base