15 Free Crochet Patterns to Try This Summer

by Shehla Ahmed

Summer is well and truly underway, but that doesn’t mean you have to put down your hooks! For most crocheters, summer is a slower time of the year than Fall/Winter, especially if you make money crocheting. Most of my own sales drop off during the summer and pick back up in the Fall, but this is a great time to try new things and even prepare for next season. So, if you don’t want to make warm and wooly beanies, and aren’t quite ready to put the hooks away, here are some free crochet patterns to try this summer!



15 Free Crochet Patterns for Summer


15 free crochet patterns to try this summer


During the summer, it’s easy to switch from big, cozy projects to lighter, smaller projects that you can finish quickly. To make things you can still wear in the hotter weather, many of these free crochet patterns use cotton or linen yarn so it doesn’t get as warm, just like you do with other clothing. Another idea is to save the blankets and wearables for the Fall and focus on more decorative items for the summer, things like throw pillows and wall hangings. Whatever you decided to do, these free crochet patterns will get you started.



1.  The Roxy Bag




2. The Mykonos Bag




3. Dreamcatcher Sandals




4. Bohemian Wall Hanging




5. Reusable Water Balloons




6. Summer Crocheted Vest




7. Lightweight Summer Waves Blanket




8. Summer Diamonds Kimono




9. Popsicle holders




10. Sophie’s Garden Pillow




11. Crochet Washcloth Patterns




12. Summer Wreath




13. Watermelon Coasters




14. Americana Pillow Set




15. Beach Day Sun Hat




Or, if you’re like me, you can use summer to get ahead of the game and prepare your projects for craft fairs and selling or making items for the holidays. I usually hole up in an air-conditioned room and work out some of the new designs I want to bring out in the coming months. Something that really helps me to plan and work out what I need to focus on is the Make it Happen planner set.



These are 3 planners specifically designed for makers like us! There’s the Guidebook, which is a monthly planner where you can jot down important dates and events that you need to prepare for, along with spaces to help you set goals and get them done. 



Then there’s the Designer Pack. It’s full of pages like the yarn stash inventory tracker, project trackers, pattern writing templates and brand identity pages to help you work out your own business!



And my favorite, the Resource Pack. This is all about making the best you can with sizing guides, cheat sheets, references and more to help you knit and crochet better. You can all three packs below in my Etsy shop. 



Thanks so much for reading! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite summer project is. And if you liked this list, don’t forget to subscribe down below for more free crochet patterns delivered to your inbox every week along with tips, freebies, and more!


See you soon šŸ™‚


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