Christmas Crochet Patterns: 4 Adorable Amigurumi to Make this Christmas!

by Shehla Ahmed

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! I’ve been a little bit quiet with new posts and emails over the last few weeks, but for a great reason. I love plushies and toys, and this year, I really wanted to release a line of Christmas crochet patterns that incorporated everything I love about crochet and all the festivity of the season. I’m so excited to announce my Christmas Crochet Pattern pack with it’s 4 adorable, detailed plushies of your favorite Christmas characters. Say hello to Santa Claus, Ronald the Gingerbread Man, Ollie the Elf and Comet the Reindeer!


Christmas Crochet Patterns


Christmas crochet patterns


All 4 of these patterns are up in my Etsy shop now, and you can buy the large print, ad-free PDF for each pattern individually, or get the whole set for 10% off!


Santa Claus



Santa Claus needs no introduction. But if you didn’t know, his name is really Nick and he’s the sweetest, jolliest person you ‘ll ever meet. When he’s not out delivering presents, Santa spends most of his time restoring some of his vintage sleighs. He loves getting the newest models but something about fixing up the older ones fills him with such joy! Of course, Mrs. Claus and the elves get to take them for a spin every now an then.


This pattern, along with the other Christmas crochet patterns, is work almost entirely in single crochet. Half double and double crochets are used in a few places to add detail. Santa’s dressed up in this usual suit, but you can take off his jacket and hat if you want, or secure them in place.


The beard is added on in much the same way as the unicorn mane I did for Aurora (here), and I’ve walked you through the steps in the pattern, with pictures showing you exactly how to get it fluffy.


Buy the printable PDF on Etsy.

Buy the printable PDF on Ravelry. (coming soon)



Ollie the Elf



Ollie the Elf is the hardest working little elf at Santa’s workshop, and sometimes he gets to help Santa deliver gifts! He’s a maker and he loves to see what Christmas gifts others are working on, especially toys. Whether he’s tinkering away in the shop or visiting the sweetest families, Ollie’s all about having fun at Christmas. He loves playing with the Christmas decor, putting ornaments on the tree (and his hat) and, sometimes, he causes a little mischief too!


All of Ollie’s clothing can be secured in place so he’s always ready for work, or left as removable items! The hat, boots, overalls all come off so Ollie can be comfy in his PJs. The entire body is and most of the clothes are worked in single crochet, and the hat uses some half double crochets. Once all of the parts are made, this plushie is seamed together and a few pom poms are glued on to finish the hat!


Buy the printable PDF on Etsy.

Buy the printable PDF on Ravelry. (coming soon)



Ronald the Gingerbread Man



Meet Ronald, the most dapper little gingerbread man! Ronald loves Christmas time because that means he can bake as much as he wants for his family and his gingerbread house always smells sweet and yummy. Every year, he makes big batches of his favorite treats to give out as Christmas gifts.


If you’re new to amigurumi, Ronald is the place to start! He’s the easiest of the 4 Christmas crochet patterns to make. He’s made entirely in one color and with single crochet stitches only. The pieces are easy to shape and there’s less seaming together since Ronald is pretty straightforward. The icing decorations were added on last with some white yarn and a tapestry needle using some big, simple stitches. You can always decorate your version however you like and make him as fancy and dapper as you want! Gingerbread men love getting dressed up so have fun!


Buy the printable PDF on Etsy.

Buy the printable PDF on Ravelry. (coming soon)



Comet the Reindeer



Meet Comet, the fastest flyer on Santa’s team! Comet the reindeer always loved running when he was a kid, and one day as he tried going faster and faster through the winter woods, his feet just left the ground and he was soaring! There’s nothing like flying over the world with a sleigh full of Christmas gifts at your back and all the twinkling lights and Christmas decorations below. Comet can’t wait to visit his favorite places in the world with Santa and all his friends this year!


Comet is the 4th Christmas crochet pattern, and a bit more detailed than the others. His body has two colors, all in single crochet. The antlers themselves are very easy to make using single crochets, and then he’s finished off with a pom pom nose! If you wanted him to look more like a certain member of his team, you could even use a red pom!


Buy the printable PDF on Etsy.

Buy the printable PDF on Ravelry. (coming soon)



And that’s it for now!



Those are all 4 of the characters I have for this first line up of Christmas crochet patterns, and I hope you love them as much as I do! I will release a free version of a character on the blog as well, so let me know who you’re favorite is in the comments below.


These plushies and amigurumi are so fun to work up and although they take a little longer than scarves and beanies, I think it’s absolutely worth it to see it all come together. Remember, you can get each pattern individually over in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry. If you get all 4, you can also use the code XMAS2018 to get 10% off the order on Etsy only. I’ll have more characters out this month too so let me know who else you want to join the family!


See you soon 🙂

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