Playdate: A Baby Knitting Pattern Collection by Knit Picks

by Shehla Ahmed

One of my favorite things is getting the latest Knit Picks catalog in the mail. Not only is the catalog itself so beautiful with all the luscious pictures of yarn, but it’s also a great source of inspiration. Whenever I get my catalog, I like to take some time to look through the new pattern collections and see what’s new and on sale for the season. The latest catalog had a great baby knitting pattern collection in it and I just had to share!




Playdate: A Baby Knitting Pattern Collection 


There are 18 patterns in this collection, all designed to be worn and used and snuggled in. All of the patterns are made using yarn lines that are durable and easy to care for  – Capretta, the Mighty Stitch, and CotLin to name a few. Plus, there are so many colors to choose from! I love using Knit Picks yarn in general, and these specific projects designed for them makes it much easier for me to use that pretty yarn. 


Of the 18 patterns, here’s what’s included:

  • 8 baby knitting patterns for sweaters
  • 5 blanket patterns
  • 4 patterns for hats and accessories, and
  • a 2-for-1 toy pattern


I’ve shared all the patterns down below for you to look through! If you like any and want to grab the PDF for it, just click the image and it’ll take you over to the KnitPicks page for that pattern. You can also just get all of the patterns in one convenient ebook or get the hard copy of the full book. I have the hard copy and it’s a beautiful addition to my Knit & Crochet Library!



Rocky Road Tassel Hat & Socks


Moreland Pullover


Basketweave Animal Hoodie


Triangles Pom-Pom Blanket


Spruce Blanket


Stripy Hat


Little Lamb Hat


Four Corners Blanket


Puppy & Kitten Toys


Round Yoke Cardigan


Baby Graphic Cardigan


Bumpy Bear Hat




Zigs and Zags Baby Jacket


XOX Pullover


Snuffles Security Blanket


ZZ-Zebra Blanket


Sugar Cubes Wrap Jacket


The patterns in the Playdate collection use simple stitches and very classic shapes. I think it would be a great resource for beginners. And as you learn more techniques, it would be easy to incorporate them into the designs too. Let me know which is your favorite baby knitting pattern from the collection. Mine is definitely the Triangles Pom Pom Banket but the little jackets are the cutest things!



Get the FULL book with all 18 patterns here.



There’s also a crochet version of this book with adorable patterns! It’s called Room to Grow: A Baby Crochet Collection and it has 9 of the sweetest crochet patterns for babies in it.




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