21 Free Crochet Patterns for Critter Lovies: Roundup by Underground Crafter

by Shehla Ahmed

Crochet lovies have really stolen my heart lately. They’re the perfect mix of toy and blanket, plus they’re super quick to make. This week, I shared a free crochet pattern for a hippo lovey over on Underground Crafter and today, Marie’s here to share some more great lovey patterns. I’ll let her take it away from here!


free crochet patterns for lovies


Thanks so much for inviting me, Shehla! If we haven’t met me yet, I’m Marie Segares from Underground Crafter. I share free crochet and knitting patterns, sewing and Cricut tutorials, and all types of crafty inspiration on my blog. You may be wondering about the Underground Crafter name. I’m not part of a secret society of crafters (though that would be pretty cool), but I do like to crochet and knit underground on the during my commute on the subways of New York City.


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Lovies make really fun gifts for babies, infants, toddlers, and even for school-aged kids! They are smaller to make than a traditional baby blanket (yay to last-minute gifts!) and they have a bit more personality for the child to play with. I’m sharing a collection of free crochet patterns for critter lovies. I hope you find some inspiration for your next gift! Images are © the respective designers and are used with permission.




21 Free Crochet Patterns for Critter Lovies

Roundup by Underground Crafter


1. Hippo Lovey by The Blue Elephants: This adorable hippopotamus lovey is crocheted in one piece so there’s less sewing and the head is attached more securely.



2. Sleeping Kitty Lovey by Underground Crafter: This lovey’s flat head easily folds up to make it portable for a sleepover or road trip nap.



3. Cuddliest Crochet Bear Lovey by Sewrella: Make a variation on the classic teddy bear with this lovey. Includes a link to a full bear pattern!



4. Ella the Elephant Lovey by Moogly: This sleepy elephant is paired with a striped blanket that would be a great stash buster.



5. You Are My Sunshine by Cre8tion Crochet: This cheerful, shell stitch lovey is topped with a smiling sun.



6. Elephant Snuggle by DenDennis: This adorable elephant plush is matched with a granny square blanket. The pattern includes many helpful progress photos.



7. Tau Lion Lovey by Look At What I Made: This pattern includes optional legs for the lion.



8. Owl Cuddle Lovey by Stitch11: This wide-eyed owl includes cute little ear hair tassels.



9. Owlet Lovey by Jessie At Home: This sleepy owl pattern includes helpful progress photos for assembly and positioning.



10. Frog Lizzie Lovey by Niftynnifer: This amphibious lovely uses fabric paint to add depth to the facial features.



11. Monster Fleece Lovey by Repeat Crafter Me: This no-sew lovey combines fleece fabric with crochet monsters.



12. Velvet Bunny Lovey by Crochet for You: This plush rabbit lovey includes pom poms for added cuteness.



13. Baby Penguin Lovey by One Dog Woof: A bouclé yarn adds the downy texture of a baby penguin’s feathers to this lovey.



14. Little Lamb Lovey by Sewrella: This lovey includes a link to the full-sized lamb softie pattern.



15. Unicorn Lovey by Meladora’s Creations: The pattern for this mythical creature atop its rainbow blanket is available in 3 parts including video tutorials.



16. Caterpillar Lovey by YARNutopia: The pattern for this smiling lovey includes a video tutorial.



17. Puffed Heart Lovey by Creative Crochet Workshop: Add some character to the puffed heart by embroidering eyes and a smile.



18. Serape Lovey by Whistle and Ivy: An adorable coyote tops this Southwestern serape-style lovey blanket. The pattern includes video tutorials.



19. Lion Lovey by SeeLoveShare: This cuddly lion has the cutest mane made with single crochet cord.



20. Panda Comforter by Emma Varnam: This high-contrast lovey is a fun way to decorate a nursery.



21. Oceanic Lovey by Be A Crafter: This lovey includes an octopus and a starfish for undersea fun.


Did you find inspiration for your next project? I hope so. If you’re still looking for more crochet inspiration, check out this roundup of 40 Free Crochet Animal Amigurumi Patterns on Underground Crafter.

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