2019 Gift Guide for Makers: What Makers & Boss Ladies Actually Want!

by Shehla Ahmed

The holidays are coming up and it’s almost time to get all our gifts in order! You may already have a list of things you need to make for everyone, but what about the makers? Whether it’s for yourself or another maker friend, it can be really hard to decide what to buy for something who can “make that herself”. Believe me, I say that to just about everything! Today I want to share with you some of my top picks for the 2019 Gift Guide for Makers, and share some of my best finds of the year. I did a similar post last year, but this is all new products so you have lots to choose from. 


2018 Makers Gift Guide: 20+ Gift Ideas



Last year, I focused on all my favorite essentials. Hooks, needles, notions and resources that I think are perfect for anyone looking to get started with knitting and crochet, or someone who could use an upgrade to the tools they already have. That post is linked above if you want to check out my recommendations. They’re all perfectly great gifts, but this year, I thought we’d look at the non-essentials!


The beautiful bits and bobs that makers may not get for themselves (even if they want to). Things that are a splurge but just the perfect thing for your maker friends, entrepreneurs, and even things to add to your own wishlist! Feel free to share this list with your family to give them a hint šŸ˜‰



2019 Gift Guide for Makers


2019 makers gift guide




1. Addi Express Knitting Machine


First up is the Addi Express knitting machine. I bought one of these for myself a few months ago and it’s amazing! I initially bought it to help me make more items for craft fairs and make them faster than I would be able to knit them traditionally. However, I’ve been using it for a lot more than that too. The kingsize machine is perfect for making beanies, ear warmers, and even blankets in no time at all, but it’s also versatile enough to make more things with. It takes a little practice and experimenting, but this machine is the perfect gift for someone that finds traditional knitting hard on their hands or needs the speed and ease of the machine to boost the number of items they can make for sale or donations.


2019 makers gift guide



2. Namaste Knitters Backpack


This is the best backpack ever, and the only one I’ve found designed for knitters and crocheters. While it looks like a regular backpack, it has a few extra features that make it perfect for makers like us. It holds a ton of yarn and has a special little yarn guide built into the top that turns the backpack into a yarn bowl. It helps you pull the yarn from your bag without getting snagged anywhere. Plus, it also has lots of pockets for holding all your accessories and notions, a handy key leash which doubles as a tape measure, and a stitch marker in case you need one in a pinch!


2019 makers gift guide


Since I bought this backpack in navy, I use it as my purse with all my usual items and to carry my current project, my pattern notebook, hooks/needles I need, and a snack so I can work whenever and wherever I get a chance. It’s made of vegan leather and has beautiful, high-quality hardware that feels really nice and durable. I’ve been taking mine to all the craft fairs I’ve done and to dentists appointments with my mom so I have something to do in the waiting room. 


2019 makers gift guide


3. DeBrosse Masterclass


If you’re a knit/crochet entrepreneur or you know someone that is, get this course! It’s been the biggest game-changer for my business and if you want to see results with your Etsy shop, this will help. I’ve been in the Masterclass since last November and it’s really helped me redefine my brand, fix my shop, and make more money. Because even though the course is pretty expensive, it helps you make all that money back and sets you up to continue growing. I could talk about this for ages, and I did! So if you want to know more, head over to my last post to read my full review of the course and exactly how it’s affected my blog and business!


2019 makers gift guide



4. 30 Days of Cozy Pattern Bundle


Patterns are always welcome for makers, and this bundle is an awesome one to get for yourself or someone that crochets! It’s packed with patterns that are perfect for fall and winter and they make wonderful gifts for everyone on your list. This bundle was put together with 30 amazing designers and their never-released patterns, along with a couple of bonus patterns for a super low price. At $24, the entire bundle is 80% off the regular retail price so each pattern is less than $1! You get to check out new designers, get premium ad-free printable patterns and there’s a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it. But you will be, trust me!


2019 makers gift guide



I’ve included two patterns in the bundle as well, The Flurry Beanie and Wristwarmers!


5. Make it Happen Planner Packs


This item on the gift guide is actually a set, but you can pick and choose which one you want. These are the Make it Happen planners, a set of resources, printable cheat sheets, and guides that I designed to make sense of all the little things you have to remember when it comes to knitting and crochet. 



There’s the Resource pack with 23 pages of printable resources that we actually need and use. This planner includes to-do lists, checklists and more to help you organize your crochet supplies. For everyone that’s ever had trouble figuring out knit or crochet blanket sizes, how to make a hat fit, or making sense of knitting and crochet abbreviations, conversions, and materials, this Resource Pack has everything you need. 



Then there’s the Designer Pack which is the perfect tool to help you start or streamline your knitting and crochet business. Whether you’re taking orders on a small scale for family and friends, or opening your own shop, this pack has resources for you neatly laid out in a 28-page ebook.



Last but not least is the 2019 Guidebook. (I will be updating this for 2020 soon, but the content will be very much the same!) The guidebook is the monthly planner for makers! Set goals for the year, mark the important days in the year at a glance calendar and make it happen this year! This resource is a printable guide to help you get the big things done by breaking them into smaller goals and planning out what you need along with motivational quotes to help you through the year.





7. DSLR Camera


If you’re into knitting and crocheting professionally, you’ll have heard how important it is to step up your photography game. You can do a lot with a simple camera or smartphone, but a DSLR camera can take you far beyond that. For professional, high-quality results, you should invest in professional, high-quality supplies and this camera is my favorite. It does everything you need it to and isn’t overwhelming with features most beginners won’t need. 




8. Yarn Subscription Box


A great way to try new yarn is to sign up for a yarn subscription box. Not only is it fun to get yarn in the mail, but you can also get other special items too! The KnitCrate membership is great because they send you 1-2 skeins of premium, exclusive yarn, a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern designed for that yarn, and promo codes and coupons to use on their shop and their partner shops!


You can choose the color vibes and different membership plans so it suits you or the one you’re gifting it to. Each box is $25/month, and there’s an option to prepay for 3 months if you want to try it out or get it as a gift for someone else!



Knitpicks also has a subscription service where you can choose from different skill levels and interests. Each box includes a variety of items (depending on which box you choose) but you’ll get a few balls/hanks of yarn, a pattern/book, tools and little goodies for fun! These boxes range from $27-$48 each.




9. Kits


Knitting and crochet kits are always a must on any maker gift guide and for good reason! Like a subscription box, you get all the yarn and pattern you need to make something special, but a kit is a one-off purchase. You can get a kit for just about anything, at any skill level. Knit Picks has a ton of kits that help you build skills and make lovely items. Not only do they have knitting and crochet kits, but they also have some for yarn dyeing, weaving, and tool kits with the best supplies!


Knit Picks is having their biggest sale of the year right now, so this is a great time to try something you’ve had your eye on.


Lion Brand is another wonderful source for pattern kits!



12. Support


And last but not least, this is for all the family and friends that want to help out your budding entrepreneur, but aren’t quite sure how. Running a business takes time and money and sometimes your maker friends need help! They may not ask for it, and they may refuse it if you offer, but a little bit of support goes a long way. 


One way to show your support is to spread the word! Whether you tell people in person and direct them to your friend’s shop/blog or you spread the word by taking out some ads for them, everything helps. A friend of mine recently took out some ads for me and it was an incredibly kind way to show that they supported my work and brought me traffic and sales that helped my bottom line. 


Another way to support them is to show up to events! I had 3 craft fairs this year and having friends and family come out to see it is a huge gesture of support. Even if they don’t buy anything, showing that you value their work goes a long way. 


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Lastly, you can support them by paying for something they need. Have they bee talking about something they struggle with? Have they mentioned an expense they have? Taking off the burden of a single expense, like a month of email service, removes a huge strain without being really costly to you. Businesses are hard to run and a simple check to say, “I believe in your business and I’m investing in YOU” is one of the best things you can do to help your maker!



Are you a maker?


I hope you enjoyed my ideas and that it gave you some inspiration for your holiday shopping. These are all products that I personally use and love, but there are so many out there to choose from! Are you a maker? Do you have something you love but I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below. 


Don’t forget to check out last year’s gift guide too! It’s full of more of the everyday items that makers need and love. 



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See you soon šŸ™‚

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