Adventures in Sock Knitting: Patterns & Tips for Beginners!

by Shehla Ahmed

Hello everyone! Lately, I’ve been taking a break from knitting and crocheting familiar things and trying my hand at something new. There is a lot that I’ve been meaning to learn, but sock knitting has been on my list for years. I attempted to knit my first pair of socks about a year after I learned to knit, but could never get a pair of socks to look right.


This month, I’ve decided to pick it up again and go about it in a more structured way and finally knit at least one pair of wearable socks. This post isn’t a pattern, but I hope my experience and tips can help you out!





The Challenges


In my first attempt at sock knitting, there were a few main problems I ran into that I wanted to avoid this time around. The main things I wanted to focus on getting right this time were the yarn, the techniques, and the pattern. 




Knitting with finer yarn


If you’ve seen the patterns I usually share on this blog, you know I work almost exclusively with worsted weight yarn and then occasionally with bulkier weights. Although I love the look and feel of delicate sock yarn and fingering weight yarns, I don’t work with them often, and using such tiny yarn was a struggle for me when I first attempted sock knitting.


The yarn was so fine and fuzzy, it would snap as I worked. I would make so many tangles that I couldn’t undo, and my hands would cramp up working with such small needles and skinny yarn. 


Since then, I’ve learned how to properly wind up yarn so that fixed the tangling issue. This time, I used a yarn that was altogether much easier to knit with and perfect for sock knitting.


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I used MillaMia Naturally Soft Merino, a Sport weight yarn.


This yarn is super soft and luxurious, as can be expected with 100% merino wool, so it was the perfect choice for something that’s going to be worn close to the skin. Most socks are made with fingering weight yarn, but this is a sport weight that’s just a little bit thicker. It was easier for me to knit with this yarn over other thinner weights since it wasn’t as delicate and it was really easy on my hands.


The twist in this yarn is also amazing! It’s spun tightly so the yarn holds together really well without getting fuzzy or thin even with I have to frog a section. The stitch definition the tight twist gave was beautiful. 


You can see all the colors available and what I mean about the twist in the yarn over on the product page here. I got 2 skeins of it in the color Moss. 





Taking the time to learn the skills


When I attempted sock knitting the first time, I didn’t understand the different ways to start a sock. Whether it was easier to start at the top o