Jeremy the Giraffe: Free Giraffe Amigurumi Pattern

by Shehla Ahmed

I have always loved stuffed animals, and the bigger they were, the better. There’s just something special about squishing into a cuddly toy that’s bigger than you are. When my cousin told me she was expecting a baby, I just knew I had to make her a giant giraffe amigurumi for her nursery. This was the first pattern that I designed, and I’m so excited to have new pictures to share with you along with the updated pattern. So, let’s get right into the giraffe amigurumi pattern!



Jeremy the Giraffe sits at just under 2 feet tall and if you count his legs, he’s a full three feet long! When I sat down to design this giraffe amigurumi pattern, I really wanted to get the legs right. I wanted the legs on my crochet giraffe to be pretty long and bobbly at the ends so that when you picked him up or wiggled him around, his arms and legs would swing around. A few years ago, I had done that with a monster toy, and it was so much fun for the kids to play with that wanted to include it here too. I also made it so Jeremy would sit on the base of his body and his arms and legs would be long enough to hang off a shelf or sit in a chair.



The idea of a giraffe with a rainbow mohawk makes me laugh, but if you want to go the more traditional route, just go ahead and use yellows and browns instead. Another thing to note before I share the pattern is that because this was my first design, there are some things I would do differently now – mainly using the right size hook and yarn so there aren’t so many holes. I’ve updated the pattern to reflect that, so you don’t need to worry about making that adjustment, but you can see that the stitches in my amigurumi giraffe pattern aren’t as close together as they should be.