10 Habits That Will Make You Crochet Better in 2021!

by Shehla Ahmed

When you first learn to crochet, it’s all about getting your yarn to look vaguely like something else. You get caught up in making scarves and beanies, and really just enjoying the process of creating something. But sometimes we can pick up some bad habits that prevent us from doing the best work we can. So this year, let’s work on not just making more stuff, but on creating pieces of higher quality and becoming better crocheters! I’ve put together a list of 10 good habits to build that will help you get better at your craft and hopefully make your crocheting easier too!

10 Habits to Make You Crochet Better!

Before we get into the list, keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to change one habit at a time than to change all 10 things at once. Try to create a goal each month to incorporate a new habit into your crocheting so that over time, each of those habits becomes second nature. You can keep track of your goals, whether it’s creating these new habits or any other crochet goals you have, in the new Make it Happen Guidebook! I’ll tell you more about that in a bit, but let’s get onto the habits for better crochet!

1. Count your stitches

This is a super simple one that might seem obvious, but it’s really important! Get into the habit of counting your stitches. It makes it so much easier to keep your project straight, even and correct. If you have trouble with your squares getting a little wonky or the edges of the work not being even, it’s most likely because of inconsistent stitch counts. Mark the first and last stitch with stitch makers if you don’t want to count every stitch as you go, but counting your stitches really helps to create more even, consistent work. 

2. Make Gauge Swatches

When you’re working on a project where size and fit matters, like garments or blankets, take the time to make a gauge swatch. It takes 10 minutes, but it will help you get the sizing right from the beginning. Instead of having to frog a project halfway through because it doesn’t fit, you can work on your project confidently, knowing that your gauge is correct. 

A gauge swatch is basically just a square worked up in the pattern using the hook and yarn you intend to use for the finished project. You make a square about 4 inches on all sides and then count how many stitches and rows you have in an inch or 4 inches (whatever the pattern specifies). If you end up with more stitches or rows per inch, you may need to move up a hook size. If you get too few, move down a hook size. Adjusting this now with the gauge swatch saves you so much time and trouble when it comes to making the finished piece!

3. Read Patterns all the way through!

Another great habit to build is to read any new pattern all the way through before you begin. It’ll help you get an idea of how the pattern comes together and if there’s anything you don’t understand. You can look up those techniques beforehand and practice them. You can also take the time to highlight any sizing instructions or different terms that you need to know. By working through the pattern before you pick up your hook and yarn,  it will make it so much easier to follow the pattern and make a great piece.