Make It Happen: Knitting & Crochet Resources, Printables and Cheat Sheets!

by Shehla Ahmed

Knitting and crochet can be confusing. There are so many crochet abbreviations and knitting symbols, and sizes and gauges and materials to keep track of that it can get complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Knitting and crochet can be easy and streamlined with the Make it Happen Planners: a set of guides and resources for makers. I came out with these in 2019 in the blue colorway. Now, I’ve expanded the line with even MORE cheat sheets, guides, and trackers in a new colorway to help you take all those ideas and make it happen!

Make It Happen: Knitting & Crochet Resources

Why do I need a planner for playing with yarn?

Tell me honestly, how many projects do you have on the go right now? Do you remember all the hooks you’re using for each? Or what about which yarn you started with? Do you know how big that hat should really be in order to fit? There are so many little things to remember with crochet that it helps to have all that information readily available. Plus, the less time you spend searching for the right hook or wondering if a USA 6 hook is the same as a UK 6 (it’s not), the more time you have to actually make something.


Maybe you like to write your own patterns or make changes to the patterns you bought. How do you keep track of those changes so you can recreate it later? Did you have a great idea that you bought yarn for and now you can’t remember the idea? Do you need help organizing your stash?

I love using planners to grow my blog but there just wasn’t a great option for knitting and crochet planners. Sure, you can get a couple of pages here and a few trackers there, but I needed something more comprehensive and uniform.

So, I created 3 planners with 80 pages of knitting and crochet resources between them. These are perfect for all skill levels, and come as a clean, cohesive design that you can print out at home or fill out on your computer!

Make It Happen: Guidebook

First up is the monthly planner for makers! I’m super excited about this one because I just learned how much better I am at LIFE when I can plan things out and see them as items to check out and accomplish. It keeps me organized and whether I’m planning patterns for the blog, or working on my own projects, it’s easier to actually get it done when I can write it down and plan.

Here’s what’s inside:

The Make It Happen Guidebook has a Bucket List page where you can jot down all your goals and projects for the year. Maybe you want to attend your first craft fair, or start an Etsy shop! You might want to make 200 items to donate to charity. Whatever it is, this page is great for getting your big plans down on paper where you can see them.

Next is the Year at a Glance page where you can keep track of important dates (birthdays, holidays, events) and see your year all at once. This page really helps when it comes to planning patterns for the year and being realistic about what you have time for.

Then there are SMART goal planning sheets designed to make you not only set goals but set goals that you’re actually going to accomplish. Using this system, your goals will be more than just ideas jotted down; they’ll be broken down into steps that you can work through!


The bulk of the Guidebook is made up of monthly planner pages (2 pages per month) where you can get more specific about your goals. Take a big goal from your bucket list and break it down into manageable tasks, figure out what you need to buy that month, and how you’re going to make it happen. These pages are great when you’re trying to keep track of everything you need to finish by a certain date and what you’ll need! Plus, there are motivational quotes for each month to help encourage you and keep you going!

Finally, the last page is the Year in Review where you can look back at all the amazing things you made happen in the year!

This Guidebook comes in both the pink and blue versions.

Make it Happen: Resource Pack

Next up is the Resource pack, and this is why I originally created these crochet resources. This has 23 pages of printable knitting and crochet cheat sheets and guides. Some of these pages are available individually for free to subscribers (check out the resource library!), but the full pack is only available on Etsy. These are the pages I use most often. I keep them close at hand and I’m always referring to the sizing guides.

Here’s everything inside:

  • Crochet Hook Sizes -this page lists all the crochet hook sizes with the metric size, UK sizes, USA sizes, and a column to check off what you own already!
  • Crochet Abbreviations
  • A Crochet Conversions Guide
  • Knitting Needle Sizes
  • Knitting Abbreviations
  • A  Knitting Symbols Guide
  • Yarn Weight Guide – Have trouble understanding yarn weight? This page is all about the different yarn weight categories, what types of yarn fall into them, knit and crochet gauge ranges, and recommended hook and needle sizes for that yarn weight!