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Realistic Crochet Heart Pattern

Today, I’m sharing with you a crochet heart pattern, but not just any crochet heart. This one isn’t the cutesy Valentine heart you might be used to seeing, but I think this realistic crochet heart pattern is a lot more interesting and fun to make. I made this for my dad last year after he underwent major heart surgery, and it was a big hit! You guys asked for the pattern and I even had requests for custom orders, so here it is!

Crochet heart pattern

When I made this, it was a pretty rough time for my family. My dad, who had had a major bypass surgery ten years ago, was in the hospital again for another heart procedure. He’s a doctor himself so I thought something fun like this might lighten the mood.

Although I couldn’t get every single structure of the heart in this model, my dad was so excited about this simple plushie. He would take it out to show everyone who visited him and he’d explain his procedure to them using this as a model.

Crochet heart pattern

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The crochet heart pattern is a lot simpler than you would expect just by looking at it. I worked each piece as a simple shape and then sewed it all together into the final shape. For the veins and arteries, I used blue and red yarn to make big stitches across the body of the heart. I wasn’t too precise about getting them in the right places, but I checked a diagram from a biology textbook to make sure I got the most important ones right.

Crochet heart pattern

The full free pattern is written out below. For those who’d prefer to print the pattern and take it with you for on-the-go and to markup as you go, you can buy the inexpensive printable PDF from my Etsy and Ravelry shops. The PDF is formatted without ads or comments, so it’s easy to read.

Crochet heart pattern



  • ch – chain
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • sl – slip stitch

Pattern Notes:

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Sizing: 8 inches tall x 5 inches at the widest point
  • Gauge: N/A


Realistic Crochet Heart Pattern

Crochet heart pattern

To make this crochet heart pattern, we’re going to start with the actual heart muscle and then add on all the other parts and veins to make it look realistic.

Round 1: With red yarn, SC 6 into a magic loop. Pull loop closed and work in continuous rounds (6).

Round 2: Work 2 SC in each space (12).

Round 3: *SC 1, increase*, repeat around (18).

Rounds 4-5: SC around for 2 rounds (18).

Round 6: *SC 2, increase*, repeat around (24).

Rounds 7-8: SC around for 2 rounds (24).

Round 9: *SC 3, increase*, repeat around (30).

Round 10: SC around (30).

Round 11: *SC 4, increase*, repeat around (36).

Rounds 12-14: SC around for 3 rounds (36).

Round 15: *SC 2, increase*, repeat 3 times. SC around remaining (39).

Round 16: *SC 4, increase*, repeat 4 times. *SC 1, decrease* to end (36).

Rounds 17-8: SC around for 2 rounds (36).

Round 19: *SC 2, increase*, repeat around (48).

Rounds 20-21: SC around for 2 rounds (48). Start adding the stuffing.

Round 22: *SC 4, decrease*, repeat around (40).

Round 23: *SC 3, decrease*, repeat around (32).

Round 24: *SC 2, decrease*, repeat around (24).

Round 25: *SC 1, decrease*, repeat around (16).

Round 26: SC around (16). Finish stuffing firmly.

Round 27: Decrease in all spaces (8) and bind off, leaving a long tail. Then, thread the tail through a tapestry needle and run it through the front loops of the 8 stitches, and pull to close the circle.

Crochet heart pattern

Aorta (Curved Red Tube):

Round 1: With red yarn, chain 11. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-23: SC around for 21 rounds, and BO leaving a long tail. We’ll curve it later when we add stuffing.

Crochet heart pattern

Small Red Tubes:

Round 1: With red yarn, chain 8. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-6: SC around for 5 rounds, and then BO leaving a long tail.

Round 1: With red yarn, chain 6. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-5: SC around for 4 rounds, and then BO leaving a long tail.

Round 1: With red yarn, chain 5. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-5: SC around for 4 rounds, and then BO leaving a long tail.

Add stuffing to each of these pieces and sew the three small tubes to the top of the aorta.

Crochet heart pattern

Superior Vena Cava (Blue Tube):

Round 1: With blue yarn, chain 10. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-6: SC around for 5 rounds (9)

Round 7: Increase in each space (18).

Round 8: *SC 1, increase*, repeat around (27).

Rounds 9-10: SC around for two rounds.

Round 11: *SC 1, decrease*, repeat around (18).

Round 12: Decrease around (9).

Rounds 13-17: SC around for 5 rounds and then BO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Crochet heart pattern

Pulmonary Arteries (Branched Blue Tube):

Round 1: With blue yarn, chain 10. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-16: SC around for 10 rounds (9). And then BO.

Small Blue Tubes (make 2):

Round 1: With blue yarn, chain 6. Slip stitch to the first space to join in the round.

Rounds 2-5: SC around for 4 rounds, and then BO leaving a long tail.

Crochet heart pattern

Right Atrium:

Round 1: With blue yarn, chain 21. Turn, and SC across (20).

Round 2: Ch 1, turn. SC across (20).

Round 3: Ch 1, turn. Decrease twice, SC to last 4 stitches, decrease twice (16).

Round 4: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (14).

Round 5: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (12).

Round 6: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (10).

Round 7: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (8).

Round 8: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (6).

Round 9: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (4).

Round 10: Ch 1, turn. Decrease once, SC across to last 2 spaces, decrease (2).

Round 11: Decrease (1) and then BO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Crochet heart pattern


Now that all the pieces are done, it’s time to assemble the crochet heart pattern! First, lightly add stuffing to all of three of the larger tubes, but keep it mostly in the center so it doesn’t stick out the ends.

Next, attach the superior vena cava (the blue tube with a bulge in the middle) to the side of the heart, sewing along the sides where the two touch.

Then sew the right atrium (triangle) over the end of the SVC. As you work around, add a little bit of stuffing into the gaps to give it more depth.

Now, sew the three small red tubes to the center of the aorta (big red tube) and bend the tube so it’s curved. Sew one end of the curved tube to the top of the heart, slightly closer to the SVC than the center.

Crochet heart pattern

Sew the two small blue tubes onto the end of the pulmonary artery. Then, position the artery NEXT TO the curve of the aorta, and the end just behind the SVC. Sew it into place at the top of the heart, then continue sewing around the tube, attaching the aorta to it. Basically, make the curve of the aorta sewn in place, but leave the end unattached.

Finally, use extra yarn and your tapestry needle to embroider on the veins on the heart to make it more realistic (I just guessed where they should go). And then you’re done! If you like, you can also use this crochet heart pattern and use only different shades of red and dark purple to make it even more realistic.

Crochet heart pattern

And you’re done!

I think one of my favorite things about crocheting is being able to create things like this crochet heart pattern. It was random and spur of the moment, but the fact that I can use string to make something special and specific is amazing to me. My dad loves this and it feels amazing to have been able to say I made it for him.

I hope you all enjoyed this pattern! I’ll be back with more soon, but in the meantime, why not check out some of my favorite knitting and crochet books? I love books and I made a list of all my favorite resources for you guys! And if you want to get email updates when I post something new, subscribe to the email list below! You’ll get access to the resource library with freebies and new patterns, tips, and more in your newsletter every week.

See you soon 🙂

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Tuesday 27th of February 2024

I dont understand round 16.

Round 15 ends with 39 loops. Then you have to "*SC 4, increase*, repeat 4 times." So 20 loops become 24 loops. Than you have 19 loops left. If you "*SC 1, decrease* to end" 19 loops become 13 loops. You end up with 24+13 = 37 loops and not 36 loops.

What am I doing wrong?


Tuesday 27th of February 2024

@Helma, okay im gonna fix it like this R14: (36) R15: SC5+ (42) R16: SC4+ ×4 and SC1- (36)

I kinda follows the pattern you were doing so I guess it will turn out fine.


Friday 2nd of June 2023

What does BO mean as it's not mentioned in the abbreviations


Friday 2nd of June 2023

@Wray, nevermind I didn't see the comment below


Monday 10th of April 2023

What does BO mean? (I'm new to crocheting and still learning)

Shehla Ahmed

Monday 10th of April 2023

BO means bind off, or you may also know it as FO for fasten off


Thursday 1st of December 2022

Thank you for sharing this pattern! I'm currently crocheting it for my girlfriends' birthday. She's a cardiologist, so I'm pretty sure she will love it!


Saturday 10th of September 2022

This is a great pattern! I’m almost finished, I’m working on the assembly now but I’m not sure which side of the of the main heart muscle I should attach the SVC to?

Shehla Ahmed

Sunday 11th of September 2022

You can sew the SVC anywhere vertically on the main heart piece. When you finish adding all the other things, it'll be on the left like the pictures. But you can start anywhere :)