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February Knit & Crochet Goals with the Make it Happen Planner!

Over the last few years, I’ve been getting into planning out what I want to get done for the month, what goals I want to achieve, and what I need to focus on. It’s helped me get more organized and make a bigger impact on this blog, but it’s also made my knitting and crochet more streamlined. I don’t scramble around deciding what to make next or start something last minute anymore. I have more time to spend on the projects I love, even when they’re harder and more time-consuming. So today, I wanted to share some of my knit and crochet goals for February with you!

Last month, I realized a new line of planners and resource packs for knitters and crocheters called the Make It Happen Planner Set. You can find out all about it here, and get an overview of my 2019 goals in this post. Today, I’ll be using the 2019 Make it Happen Guidebook to jot down some of my crochet goals and how I plan on getting them done. My screen grabs are of the editable version, but you can also just print these pages out and write in them if you prefer. If you want to grab these planners for yourself, you can get them in the Etsy shop here. 

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Knit & Crochet Goals for February

In this first section, I quickly jot down some of my goals for the month. It doesn’t have to be detailed or specific here, I’m really just looking to have an idea of how much needs to get done. By the way, this isn’t what I’ll be posting in February, just what I want to finish and the posting will come later. Here’s a quick look at how the PDF opens on Adobe Reader. The purple fields are the edit boxes so you can type right into them and click the checkboxes to mark them as done!

#1 A sweater for myself

My birthday is this month so the first thing on my list is making a sweater for myself. I’ve had some success with crochet sweaters/cardigans, but I really want to knit one. The last time I tried was a few years ago and it was a mess that didn’t even fit. I’ve learned a lot since then, including what to look for in yarn and a pattern, so this month I want to make myself a sweater! The pattern I chose is called BeauB by Rililie and although it seems a bit complicated, I love the shape and I think I can handle it.

BeauB by Rililie on Ravelry

#2 Baby Blanket for Annie

My cousin Annie is having a baby in March and I want to make a special baby blanket for her. I have the idea all planned out and it’s going to be pretty elaborate, so I don’t expect to completely finish it this month. Instead, I plan to make 3/4 of the blanket during this month, then finish (and photograph) it closer to when she’s having the baby.

#3 Update Saleha Gloves and Beanie

One of my favorite patterns over the last few years is my Fairytale Gloves and Beanie set. These were so nice to work on and it was even more special because they were for my niece, Saleha. But the pictures aren’t the best, and I want to update the pattern a bit to make them easier for beginners.

Fairy Tale Convertible Gloves Knitting Pattern

Fairy Tale Slouchy Beanie Pattern

The next few things aren’t knit and crochet goals so much as they’re general goals for the blog this month. But it’s a knit & crochet blog, so why not include them?

#4 Draft the Etsy series!

So many of you have expressed an interest in learning how to take your crochet hobby and turn it into a job that pays. I have one post already about 9 ways you can make money crocheting, but my focus will be on Etsy and blogging. I started gathering information that’s helped me start and grow my Etsy business, and this month, I’ll be starting to draft some of those posts. Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments below and I’ll be sure to cover them!

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#5 & #6 Update other blog stuff

These last two aren’t knit or crochet goals, just some things I need to do for the website. As you may know, I recently rebranded a tiny bit as my blog has grown. I’ve written a new About page if you want to know more about how The Blue Elephants is more than just knitting & crochet, and more focused on empowerment and community. But for these two goals, I want to get new pictures and graphics to reflect that.

Getting Specific!

The next couple sections in the 2019 Guidebook are to help us get a little more specific with these goals and how we’re going to make them happen. I won’t go over each one individually here, but take a look at the picture below to see how I broke it all up.

I love these sections because I can really plan out what takes priority. The shopping list section is my favorite thing! I can jot down what I need to buy to finish these projects and I don’t get sidetracked when I go to the store. I can also get only what I need for that project or start a project I already have the materials for.

What are your knit or crochet goals for February?

This planner is available in my Etsy shop if you want to download one for yourself. You can print it out or get the editable version to use right on your computer. I’d love to know what you plan to work on this month! Let me know in the comments below if you set monthly goals at all or how you decide what you’ll be working on. This is a method that’s really worked for me and I hope to continue sharing something like this every month if you’re interested – I could share my goals for the next month along with how I did on the ones I set now.

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See you soon 🙂

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