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Freebie: Everything You Need to Know About Yarn Ebook!

Everything You Need to Know About Yarn Ebook!

Have trouble choosing yarn for a project?

Not sure what “dye lots” and “fiber contents” are all about?

All the questions you have about yarn are answered in this handy little guide with everything you need to know about yarn!

As knitters and crocheters, we use yarn all the time but sometimes we need more information than what color it is. 

I’ve put together this resource to help you figure out all the other questions you may have when it comes to choosing, storing, and using different types of yarn. And it’s FREE!

So what’s in the ebook?

  • 15 of the most commonly asked questions about yarn, answered!
  • A handy yarn weight guide to help you understand types of yarn, weight, and recommended hook/needle sizes, and gauges
  • A printable laundry care cheat sheet to help you understand the symbols on yarn labels and how to properly wash and care for you yarn.

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