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MIH: Resource Pack For The Crochet Vault!

Knitting and crochet can be confusing. There are so many crochet abbreviations and knitting symbols, and sizes and gauges and materials to keep track of that it can get complicated. But it doesn’t have to be that way with the Make it Happen: Resource Pack!

This has 23 pages of printable knitting and crochet cheat sheets and guides. These are the pages I use most often. I keep them close at hand and I’m always referring to the sizing guides.

Here’s everything inside:

  • Crochet Hook Sizes -this page lists all the crochet hook sizes with the metric size, UK sizes, USA sizes, and a column to check off what you own already!
  • Crochet Abbreviations
  • A Crochet Conversions Guide
  • Knitting Needle Sizes
  • Knitting Abbreviations
  • A  Knitting Symbols Guide
  • Yarn Weight Guide – Have trouble understanding yarn weight? This page is all about the different yarn weight categories, what types of yarn fall into them, knit and crochet gauge ranges, and recommended hook and needle sizes for that yarn weight!
  • Laundry Care Symbols – Never wonder how to wash your knits again! This page is a printable cheat sheet for all the laundry care symbols and what they mean so you can safely wash your handmade items.
  • Hat Sizing Guide – Includes 18 sizes from preemies to men’s XL and lists the crown diameter, hat heights, and hat circumferences for all sizes (in inches).
  • Blanket Sizing Guide
  • Sizing other items
  • Additional resources (2) -These 2 pages include even more resources for you to check out including all my favorite knitting and crochet books, blogs, and websites.
  • My Favorite Tools – This page is a list of all the knitting and crochet tools that I personally use as a crocheter/knitter/business owner!

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