Slip Stitch Tutorial

Slip stitches are very simple and mostly used to finish a piece, add detail, or join to work in the round. You can also use slip stitches to create a denser fabric, but it takes longer since each stitch is very short. There is a lot you can do using slip stitches, but the stitch itself is the simplest.

Slip Stitch Tutorial

This is going to be a short post, so let’s start with the video. Here, I work slip stitches in yellow on my double crochet sample so that you can see the difference.

1. Insert your hook into the space, YO and pull up a loop. You’ll have 2 loops on your hook now.

2. Without bringing your yarn over, pull the first loop on the hook (the one closest to the head) through the 2nd loop.

That’s all there is to it!
Work all the way down the row and you’ll see the “chain” look it creates on the front.

The reverse side just has short dashes from the back of the stitch.

If you wanted, you could create a whole swatch of fabric using only slip stitches. It would take a while to get anything substantial, but the effect is something worth experimenting with. I mostly use slip stitches to join different parts of my crocheted piece or to add smaller details. Whatever you decide to do, this stitch is an absolute essential in your arsenal!

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