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Serene Beanie: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

While it may be getting closer to Spring, it’s still pretty cold here in Chicago, and I’ve been trying to find a balance between light and warm. After playing around with some of the yarn in my stash, I came up with the Serene Beanie – a beanie that adds just enough warmth to an outfit without being too heavy. So, let’s get into the free crochet beanie pattern!

Serene Beanie: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

For this pattern, I went with Knit Picks Brava Worsted yarn which is an acrylic yarn that’s easy to work with and comes in a ton of colors. It’s also much lighter in weight than natural fibers like wool so it doesn’t get as warm, but I think that makes it perfect for a Spring beanie like this free crochet beanie pattern!

To add just a bit more texture and interest to this pattern, I used a trinity stitch that helps make the beanie a little bit thicker. I love the way the rows of the stitch clusters line up all the way up the beanie and create this pebbly texture. I used a deep forest green to make my beanie, but it would also look great in softer, brighter colors too, and this yarn comes in almost 80 different colors!


The full free pattern is written out below. For those who’d prefer to print the pattern and take it with you for on-the-go and to markup as you go, you can buy the inexpensive printable PDF from my Etsy and Ravelry shops. The PDF is formatted without ads or comments, so it’s easy to read.


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Pattern Notes:

  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Sizing: Women’s small (M, L) – 21″ circumference for small
  • Gauge: 2S X 3R per inch

Serene Beanie: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

Round 1: Chain 4. Work 60 (66, 66) foundation double crochet, and do not count the original chain as a DC. To work a FDC, yarn over and insert your hook into the first chain you made. YO and pull through just one loop. This creates a chain. Then, yarn over and complete the DC as normal. Once you have 60 (66, 66) FDC, slip stitch to the top of the chain to begin working in the round and place a stitch marker.

First, make the ribbing

Round 2: Chain 3. *FPDC, BPDC* around. Slip stitch to the top of the chain 3.

Rounds 3-5: Repeat row 2 for another 3 rounds to create the ribbing.

Round 6: *SC 2, increase*, repeat around.

Round 7: Chain 1. SC into the first space. *SC3tog, always starting in the last space you worked, chain 1* down the row. These are called trinity stitches.

Rounds 8-32: Repeat round 7 for 25 (28, 29) rounds. Keep in mind that the second loop of each SC3tog should be worked in the chain 1 space so that the cluster line up vertically.

Round 33 (35, 37): *Work 2 trinity stitches, decrease by bringing your hook behind a cluster and pulling up a loop for each of the next 3 stitches, YO and pull through all 4 loops. Chain 1.* Repeat around.

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The exact stitch count doesn’t matter here! The decrease method is the least obvious way to decrease in these clusters but it throws the count off. So as long as you’re trinity stitches line up, you’re on the right track. If they don’t line up, go ahead and skip a stitch so that the second leg of the SC3tog is aligned with the chain 1 space below.

Serene Beanie: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

Round 34-35 (36-37, 38-39): Repeat row 7, working in trinity stitches around for 2 rounds.

Round 36 (38, 40): Decrease around.

Round 37 (39, 41): SC around. BO and trim the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread the tail through a tapestry needle. Run the needle through the front loops of the remaining stitches and pull to close the top of the beanie. Secure the yarn, weave in the ends, and trim any excess yarn.

Finally, top it off with a pom and your done!

Serene Beanie: Free Crochet Beanie Pattern

I love how this finished crochet beanie pattern turned out and I’ve been wearing it around since I finished it a few weeks ago. If you love making and wearing beanies as much as I do, check out some of my other designs too!

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See you soon 🙂

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