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Stash Busting Challenge: Week 4!

Welcome to Week 4 of the Stash Busting Challenge! This is the last week of the challenge and we’ve already released a ton of patterns over the last few weeks! It’s been super fun getting together with all the awesome designers that took part and we hope you were able to make lots of fun and functional things using your stash this month. As this is the last week, this batch of patterns are the last ones to be released, so head on below to check them out!



Although the patterns from previous weeks are no longer giving the PDFs for free, you can still get the patterns from the blogs! Visit Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 here to see all the patterns.


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How to Download a Pattern



Click the images or titles of the patterns you want to go to the designer’s page. 


On that page, look for the free download button. It’ll take you to Ravelry or the designer’s website where you can grab the free PDF. We’re all using the same coupon code to make it easier: SBCHALLENGE



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Now, let’s get into the patterns!




Week 4: April 22-28



1. Your Favorite Pot Holders



2. Happy feet baby socks



3. Strawberry Pacifier Clip



4. Rosebud Beanie



5. 3 Face Scrubbies and a Bowl



6. Woodland Tote



7. Western Style Wall Hanging



8. Primrose Granny square



9. Everlasting Infinity Scarf



10. Stashbusting Lace Scarf



11. Crocus Headband



12. Seaglass Bandana Scarf



13. Two-Toned Beanie



14. Crochet Flower Pattern



15. Ice Cream Cone




16. Butterfly Chapstick Cozy



17. Tunisian twist ear warmer



18. Ombre Coasters



19. Dreamer Beanie



20. Zig Zag Zipper Bag



21. Mandala Monster



22. Big and Thick Dish Scrubby



23. Not Knit Dishcloth



24. Rainbow Dreams Wall Hanger



25. T-shirt yarn crochet slippers



26. Sapphire Star Granny Square



27. Alpine Crochet Purse



28. Palm Tree Tapestry Bag



29. The Flora Flower



30. All Tied Up HeadBand



31. Sunglasses Case



32. Slouchy Hipster Beanie



33. Cute Pouch




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See you soon 🙂

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