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The Ultimate Guide to Sizing Hats

Is this hat big enough?

How big is a 3-year-old’s head?

If you’ve ever been uncertain about sizing hats, or ended up with a beanie that’s too big or too small, I’ve got you covered!

Knit and crochet beanies will no longer be a problem to size with this handy sizing guide. I’ve spent years guessing at sizes for gifts and trying to use myself as  baseline. But that method was inconsistent and I knew there are to be a better way!

I’ve put together this resource to compiling all the most standard hat sizing measurements. Now you can make hats for everyone without the guesswork. And it’s FREE!

What’s special about this guide?

  • There are 17 different hat sizes from preemie to men’s XL included
  • Measurements (in inches) for hat height, circumference, and crown diameter
  • Clean, simple design for you to print and keep handy
  • The Ultimate Hat Sizing Guide is your answer for perfect beanies every time!